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what Is GPs Tracker and benefit?

GPS trackers are a navigational portable electronic device that mainly used in vehicle, pets, and persons. GPS tracker device allows fleet owner, parents, and pets owner to track all kinds of data in real-time
Real-Time GPS tracker provides the speed of the vehicle, location of the vehicle, the ideal time of vehicle, fuel issue of the vehicle and diagnosed the issue of vehicle
How Does GPS Tracker Work?

GPS tracker system uses space satellite to determine the location of the GPS tracker device
It uses a constellation of 24 satellite and their ground station. GPS mainly initially use by US defense for the safety purpose but now its become mandatory things in all over the world. or today there are many civilians are using across the whole world. The system was mainly designed for operation of us Arm

Feature and benefit of GPS tracker:-
1- Smart Live Tracking:- With the help of GPS tracker you can know very easily where your vehicle is and how the vehicle is running

2-Diagnosed Issue:- It gives time to time notifications to the vehicle owner in case of a diagnosed issue so that you can easily know before anything happen with your vehicle

3-Alert for collision/ Accident:- GPS tracker gives instruction before anything happening

4-Fuel Issue:- GPS tracker also inform the owner of the vehicle in case of vehicle consume more fule

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