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Top 7 Foods to Lose Belly Fat - List of 7 Guaranteed Fat Burning Foods

Keeping yourself interested by changing DVDs every so often means you're more likely to work out. So give these DVDs a try. You'll increase your overall fitness, and they will help with a healthy eating plan. After all, it's better to be doing something - even if it is in the comfort of your own living room - than nothing at all. The stomach is one of the most difficult places to lose fat, over time it gently creeps up until it becomes a problem. Men and women all over the world suffer from this problem. Mustard, chilly and cayenne pepper not only burn fat, they will destroy the fat cells before it has time to develop.

A substance called capsaicin is found in chillies and cayenne pepper, it attacks fat cells and causes them to self destruct. Mustard continues to burn for 30 minutes after eating. Olive Oil contains mono-saturated fats. Drizzle on salads, use for cooking and rub on your skin. Olive oil, nut oils and avocados are good fats. Melons. eating a melon before your meal will aid the digestive enzymes break down food, melons are high in potassium and will combat swelling and bloating. Grains and fibers.

Eating whole grains and having a fiber rich diet is crucial to lose belly fat, processed foods have refined sugars and nothing of real benefit. These sugars are stored as fat on stomach and bum. Red wine, studies have proven one glass of red wine is beneficial in losing belly fat and making you live longer. Men and women who enjoy a glass of red wine every day have thinner waists than those who refrain from drinking alcohol. Drinking a glass of warm water each morning with a slice of lemon will help to cleanse the digestive tract and reduce stomach fat.