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Top 5 Tips for Android App Development

Android is that the most dynamic OS of recent times. Being an open-source, it's made it easier for the users to customize and convey out newer versions of this OS. Consistent with statistics, Android has usurped up quite 70% of the market share of the mobile users and this number is growing a day.

Another salient and most talked about feature of the Android OS is that the number of applications that it's to supply. It comes an in-depth second to Apple, with almost 500k of applications and games live store. There are thousands of Android developers who are toiling hard to return up with newer applications and games and earn a livelihood out of it.

If you're a budding Android App Development, you'll make use of the subsequent tips and tricks that might not only make your application stand out but also make it appeal to an outsized number of users.

Embrace Languages

C, C++, Java, SQL, etc., are a couple of the languages on which Android OS is predicated. If you're an Android developer you'd got to make these languages your best friends for the coming years. Without adequate knowledge of those languages, it's very difficult to form good quality apps that are easy to know and are stable in operations.

Give app layout its due

In this era, packaging is everything. People won't even want to seem at finest berries if they're packed in a shabby way. Similarly, regardless of how good or useful your app is if it's no good to seem at, the color scheme used is in bad taste or needs technical expertise to work, you'd hardly get any buyers. If you check reviews by users, you'd know it. A user wants to possess an app that's easy to work and pleasant to the attention. To confirm that your app attributes both to aesthetic and utility.

Don't go overboard

If you're a newbie, avoid going over the highest in terms of creativity. Through creativity and innovation are always welcome but attempt to keep it simple and error-free. An excessively cluttered code is an app killer as not only it might make the app slower but it might also make it filled with flaws. It also becomes difficult to pinpoint the error. So, creativity & novelty must be within an easy error detection limit, if any.

Use user's experience as your primary motivation

As an Android application developer, your main focus must serve the user's needs and send your application around it. Making an app with a user-friendly interface and making that interface a pleasant experience should be the most concern of any developer. The app should be easy to work, bug-free and will deliver in terms of utility albeit it means the entertainment value of an equivalent.

Understand your audience

Much like the other product that's launched within the market, you'd got to connect together with your audience keeping its likes and dislikes into consideration while developing an app. While it's good to travel with the instinct and artistic ideas, developing an app around users' needs would make it a sure shot hit. Think of yourself as a user and remember what users have been happy or get you out of the application and use this experience to develop & design applications.