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Model of happiness for students

Submitted by TobyPear45 on Fri, 06/08/2018 - 10:09

We all want to be happy, because in this state we are productive, effective in building good relationships with other people and, in the end, just feel fine. However, happiness is such an elusive substance that it is extremely difficult to catch and hold, and if you focus on it too intensively, you can get a stress instead of a blissful feeling. In this article we will look at the PERMA happiness model, which will help us to adjust ourselves in such a way to get this rare sensation.

About the model

The PERMA model was developed by the well-known optimistic psychologist, Martin Seligman, and is described in his book Flourish. The model is five elements that need to be put in order in order to be happy and contented life.

Positive emotions

In order to feel well, we need positive emotions. Any positive emotion, for example, gratitude, satisfaction, joy, inspiration, hope, curiosity or love, fall into this category. They allow us to be happy here and now, and not sometime in the future.


When we are really involved in something - process, task, writing essays - we experience the state of the flow: it seems that time has stopped, we lose self-awareness, and at the same time we concentrate on the present moment. This wonderful feeling allows us to feel whole and happy. If you have some problems with this you can go to the  EduBirdy and be smarter in writing!

Good relationship

We are social creatures and from this you can not escape. Building good relationships with others affects our well-being. Again and again we see people who have meaningful positive relationships with other people and realize that they are happier than those who have closed themselves or are in conflict with everyone.


The meaning is service to something more important than to oneself. It can be a service to God, humanity or a great goal. In this case, the process itself is more important than the result, although the second one is also not bad.


Each of us wants to become better, whatever some psychologists teach us. We want to become masters in the business we are engaged in, achieve significant goals and defeat ourselves and the enemy. Thus, we feel a touch to something important, respect ourselves and feel satisfaction with a touch of pride.

Using the model

We will never find happiness if we just want it here and now. Perhaps, it will be possible to catch this moment, but in order for this state to be long, it is necessary to work on ourselves.

Let us consider in more detail five elements of Seligman.

Positive emotions

Yes, we can not be happy 24 hours a day, however we can experience a whole range of positive emotions. If you do not experience them often enough, stop the flow of thoughts for a few minutes and think about why this is happening.

Think about your work. Do you apply your talents and abilities? Do you develop them?

Identify people, events or things that bring you joy and pleasure. Perhaps you like to visit nature, but you have to sit in the office for duty. Then plan your weekend so that you can go camping with friends.

The goal of all this is to find ways to bring positive emotions into your life, every day. Dilute the routine and begin to change behavior, thinking and pastime.


Do you feel that you are passionate about your work? If not, and you do not have the opportunity now to change jobs, think about the hobbies that bring you pleasure. You need to enter the state of the flow as often as possible to distract from obsessive thoughts.

Involvement has to do with the act of creation and creativity, but it can also manifest itself in sports and work on new projects.

The secret of involvement is surprisingly simple: minimum of stimuli, maximum concentration. Focus on one thing for several hours and you will feel that anxiety and stress are left behind.