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Nose-Pins-The Traditional To Modern Tie Up!

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Submitted by Tjori on Wed, 06/26/2019 - 12:38

Nose-pins have adorned the women of many places like India, Africa, Middle East and South Pacific countries for centuries. In the last few decades, this exotic jewellery online has gone from nowhere to everywhere in the west as well. Countries like US and Europe are also finding this jewellery piece very beautiful and stylish. Nose pins are now being worn even by Hollywood celebrities in the US and Europe as a culture preference.

History says these tiny pieces of jewellery are worn since the vedic period time in Indi and wearing the accessory is considered to pay honour to the Hindu goddess parvati which is also considered as a simple of marriage. Apart from India, nose pins were also a part of Australian-aboriginal culture, the nomadic tribe of Africa and the jewellery online is also considered as a beautiful accessory.

Here are some of the most beautiful trends in nose pins which you can get anytime:

1. Waheeda Silver Enamelled Nose Pin:
Our beautiful clip-on nose pin has been enhances with red and black enamel work. This nose pin is handcrafted in silver by the skilled artisans of India. It can be styled with any Indian and western wear outfit. This jewellery online can be easily brought through online portals.

2. Black Lily Silver Enamel Nose pin:
This black nature-inspired nose pin is beautiful, bright and unique. It will add a certain charm to any of your outfit. Made with sterling silver, the nose pin has an enamel coating and comes with an adjustable hook. It is also available in a usual variant as if you have your nose pierced then you can wear that in the usual way. Jewellery online is a great way to find your favourites easily.

3. Kusum Silver Stone Nose Pin:
Floral jewellery online is an evergreen favourite, which is why our beautiful nose pin has been set with brilliant stones in the shape of a flower. This clip on nose pin has been handcrafted in silver by the skilled artisans of India.

All the nose pins have a different style all together. It is important to know that everywhere you will find two variant of these nose pins which are clip on and the pierced nose pin. Styling these is easy as you can wear them with many outfits like kurtis, dresses, jeans and more. Jewellery online can be tricky but you have to at least try to find good stores which are really nice and chic in their jewellery online.