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Tips to clean your garage door properly

The lifespan of garage doors can be maximized when they are properly maintained. Cleaning is the basic task of maintenance, and you must clean the garage doors properly to ensure proper functioning. If you are hesitant to do the work yourself, you can get help from a garage repair company Las Vegas.
Here are the processes to help you with the cleaning process of your garage doors:
1. Collect your tools and supplies:
• First of all, gather all of your cleaning tools to start the work, like:
• Some soft, clean clothes or cash washing mitt.
• A big bucket
• Some clean towels
• A lubricant, which is silicone based.
• A gentle soap or washing material
2. Look out for the exterior:
The exterior part of your garage door deserves a good amount of your attention. Making it clean and sparkle is a simple process. You can use both dish soap and car wash to clean the exterior of the garage doors. If you have stains that the soaps can’t remove, use a mild detergent.
• First, spray your entire garage door with a hose to save some of your time.
• The metal models, a similar type like the car-washers are good, but wood models need gentler care.
• Get help of a car-washing mitt and with circular motions of scrubbing, remove the dirt.
• Rinse with water once more.
• For steel doors, get help of the spray wax and a cloth, start from the upper corner and work your way down to polish your door.
• Clean the seals with a general-purpose cleaner.
In this way, you can do the job properly and without any problem. However, as easy as the job looks like, there’s a long list of things you should avoid while cleaning your garage door’s exterior. Following those ways won’t just give you a bad result in many cases; they can also damage the integrity of the garage door. Such as:
Check over the wooden garage door before using water
Wood garage doors need care on a regular basis to keep them strong against the harmful elements. Refinishing should always get priority over your other regular cleaning process.
Don’t use Pressure washers
Though using pressure washers seems like a good idea, however, in many cases, using such a harsh device isn’t good, unless your garage doors have got some serious grime or dirt. You have to think twice before using pressure washers, as pressure washing has the power to void the warranty of your garage doors.
Carefully select the detergent
As you know that wooden garage doors require a softer care than metal models, but still, you should be careful about what you use to clean your garage door. Clear all cleaning materials before starting with your garage door repair and cleaning process, as all cleaning products are unique.
3. Cleaning the interior:
The inner workings of your garage doors (like the garage door springs and tracks) deserve proper attention. You can face problems if you neglect them!
Your garage door springs
The springs endure a lot of friction throughout the entire day; they need to get proper lubrication in order to do their jobs properly. You can get help from Garage Door Spring Repair Company.
The tracks of the garage door
• These are the structures made of metal that keep the garage door on the same path. If grime or dirt builds up there and gets hardened, you may face problems while using the doors!
• Scrubbing the dirt with an old toothbrush is a great way to clean it up. Look out every time while cleaning your garage door to stay on top of things.
Though these processes can help you very much, if you are hesitant, you can contact Garage Door Lubricant Service and lead a trouble free life.