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Is TikTok A Fun Or Misery

Submitted by vealboozer on Wed, 03/29/2023 - 07:39

Videos are turning as great trend to voice your thoughts. Undoubtedly TikTok is emerged as a fun and loving platform for video creators in the past year. But everything is a two faced sword. Having fun is fine but when it crosses the decency,Guest Posting it destroys the minds.

Same thing happened in just couple of days ago when a TikTok video Koop YouTube live views captured a teen girl's abortion and it immensely went viral and ignited a fiery debate on social media. Is this a reason TikTok is at the fourth position in the list of most downloaded apps? This video features two teenage girls where one girl doing fist pumping before entering a Planned Parenthood exam room.

This video has sparked an intense debate over abortion rights and whole criticism of the procedures on social media platforms. Obviously these type of videos are unbearable that violates the rights of humans.Social media often sets things on fire and make things travel to negative path. This TikTok video getting viral is one of such things that questions the check and balance of social media policies and content posting rules.

This TikTok video has caught the eyes of different activists and celebrities. One of the renowned names, Lila Rose, who is currently serving as a president of Live Action. It is a pro-life group that repeatedly posts anti-abortion content on TikTok. She condemned the video in one tweet and declared the video as a show of "cruelty." However, she pressed her followers to make pray for the girl of video as well as against pro-choice policies.