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children to buy a pair of soccer shoes

For many parents, the first time for their children to buy a pair of soccer shoes is often a crazy thing, you want to give children a pair of feet, said the equipment, but also hope that the price as much as possible benefits, because you do not Determine if your child will fall in love with football. So many sports equipment brand, every month has numerous new shoes shelves, in the face of dazzling shoes racks parents are always do not know how to choose.

How To Keep Your Soccer Cleats 2016 In Top Shape

Soccer Cleats 2016 may not make you a better player ability, but they certainly bring out the best in you, because you can use your skills appropriately. There are so many on the market today plywood, you should make the right choices in fit, comfort, materials, and even functions in the field to enjoy the rewards sessions. But it is one thing to buy a pair of perfect, quite another if you do not take care of your football boots.

Max Blau Interview: Nike Magista Boots brand heritage

Nike brand new magista 2nd generation release, of course, to be vice president in charge of footwear with Nike Football Max Blau to a face to face interview, published two years after the talk wild card, like how will bring a new chapter for us. Max Blau closely with professional players and designers in the ghost cards second generation development, the latest wild card for the second generation, who have the final say.

What unknown brand basketball shoes?

For example: Germany K1X, United States APL (ultra elastic), United States AND1, the United States under armour shoes (this is a relatively well-known, but with nike, aj is not well known compared)
There are running shoes with the main brands such as asics, mizuno also a small amount of basketball shoes.
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All black version Adidas X16 + Pure Chaos soccer shoes

Adidas upcoming Adidas ACE 16+ PureControl FG all black next month. Using a low-key red details, all black version of the X16 + PureChaos soccer shoes will be three bars of "Darkspace Pack" (deep space dark color) part, and is likely to appear at the foot of the big endorsement star.

Michael Jordan and Neymar to launch a soccer shoes

Brazilian soccer star Neymar will wear soccer shoes match his basketball superstar Michael Jordan and cooperation at the Rio Olympics. This is the "Air" Jordan first and a football star to launch "Air" series Neymar soccer shoes, sports shoes, Jordan series also means that entered the football field.

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