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Technical Translation Services

Submitted by Akshaya on Fri, 11/27/2020 - 06:31

NNB TRNASTECH SOLUTIONS concentrates exclusively on services of technical translation that deals with scientific and engineering documents. Here accuracy, precision, and consistency is the priority. Poor services can result in equipment damage and sometimes system, a good translator having in-depth knowledge is always reliable. Our company translators have immense background knowledge in science and technology, which provides high-level precision and zero error in services. Technical translation complexity demands intelligent minds with excellent expertise.

What is Technical Translation?
Technical translation refers to the specialized translation of documents dealing with technical and scientific subjects delivered by technical writers. Or in other words, the translation requires a technical translator who has a good understanding and knowledge about the subject matter and should be able to deliver in the targeted language. It often includes the translation of the technical manual, user guides, patents, safety reports, system requirement documents, tender documents, and many more. Some of which are explained below.
Website Translation
In this process, your website content is your original language is converted into other languages to make it useable and accessible for global users. There are numerous degrees of translation. Each one is ideal and unique for different needs.

Software Translation
This translation involves more than just language skills. It requires experts who have proficiency in the programming language. Our company ensures that translation is done without affecting the software code.

Technical Instructions Translation
We provide the translation of technical instructions in all formats to fulfill your requirements.

User Guide Translation
Your manual should be converted into the native language to attract a vast number of readers. Our native translators efficiently translate your manual and provide you with the best service. Some more translations that we provide include handling descriptions, technical training material, technical brochures, technical catalogs, datasheets, service manuals, installation instructions, etc.@