The Four Great Guardians of Blade & Soul

I think the Korean version did that too after the second lvl 50 because during the tournament the Chinese players complained that the korean had an unfair advantage because their version of the game are different from the Chinese version which had the OP one shot people ability while the korean version was seriously nerfed (actually more like the Chinese version was ultra buffed) however if I recall correctly that patch won't be in place until after the lvl 50 patch/arc is patched in since that's what the Taiwanese version did.

Actually i think in arena the gear will be equalized  and for those with low lvl  the difference in lvl will be of -3/+3 so that is more of a competition right there, and don't worry they eliminated the HP drinks in arena so arena became much better.

I'd like to ask one of you Pros who played either the KR / TW / JP version some tips on what to do first, what is the best way to grind as well as about the levels. I've heard there's 45 + 5 hongmen or however that thing is written/called, but I don't really understood what that was. If anyone could help me with all my actual and further questions, could you please tell me your Steam name so I could ask you all I got to ask

And if you want to get Four Great Guardians, you may need more Cheap Blade And Soul Gold than you thought. Well with it being F2P and owned by NCSoft, they'll probably copy GW2's way of making money, which is a good thing