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Albion Online Highlights The Demon Prince

As Albion Online’s Closed Beta draws closer, the development team has started to drop videos highlighting some of the game’s features and challenges. Today, they’ve introduced The Demon Prince — a particularly nasty boss with a painful array of abilities.

The Demon Prince is a tough battle for a five-man team. He has 3 primary attacks. The first is “Withering Spheres,” an attack that sends spheres out along the ground in all directions requiring players to dodge them. The second, “Demonic Pull,” pushes players away before pulling them back in on top of the Cheap Albion Online Gold. Finally, the third is called “Invasion From Hell” and is pretty much what it sounds like. The Demon Prince summons a horde of minions to attack the players.

Individually, these abilities seem pretty manageable. But as you can tell from the video, The Demon Prince likes to pile them on.

For more information about Albion Online and the Demon Prince — as well as to sign up for the beta — be sure to hit up the official site.