Personal View about FIFA 17

Well, they did say that it was captured ‘in game' so it should be quiet the same when we have the game in our hand.However, some leaked game play footage was on youtube and it did not seem that different from Fifa 16 in terms of game play. Maybe we just have new coins - fifa 17 coins. Right? Free kicks, corner kicks have changed but otherwise I do not see something that is really new in the game. 

I know that it's a football game, but common at least change the way players pass and their collision system. IMO the game needs more life.On the other hand, PES 2017 (according to the reviews and the people who played the game) does have some major changes in the game. Animations have been added, goalkeepers are much better than the previous game, players are different from each other in terms of passing and first touch when receiving the ball.

For example, if Giroud gets the ball he will receive it in a heavier manner than Ozil who is quite good at ball control.Passing with a defender will be a little bit different than passing with a striker or a midfielder and in terms of skills aswell. Skills and player movements have been upgraded and are now much better etc.

So I want EA see them shortcomings, and I wish them better. FIFA is a good game that I expect every year, but FIFA 16 is not good(it is my view). I hope that FIFA 17 will be another former glory.