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How to Reduce Water Retention

Pharmaceutical companies have conducted extensive VitaMove Back Pain Relief Review research showing that strontium can improve bone density 8%-14% when taken with sufficient calcium and vitamin D. Although prescription strontium is not available in North America, there is no evidence that pharmaceutical strontium produces better results than the strontium citrate found within a health food store or on-line. Strontium is best taken on an empty stomach and away from calcium supplements, as calcium can reduce the bioavailability of strontium by 60-70%.A year's supply of strontium citrate will cost approximately $150.

The 2002 Women's Health Initiative (WHI) revealed that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) increased the risk of breast cancer, heart attacks and strokes. But it also reported a significant decrease in the rate of hip fractures amongst women taking HRT. As HRT refers to a group of medications that artificially boost hormone levels through the use of estrogens, progesterone (or progestins) and sometimes testosterone-there is growing interest in hormone treatments amongst women who experience rapid bone loss after reaching menopause.

Although there are no large double-blind, placebo controlled studies to prove the effectiveness of progesterone treatment, smaller studies suggest that the hormone should be included within osteoporosis treatment guidelines, especially for post menopausal women. Dr. John R. Lee, is best known in this field for his study of 100 women over three years and finding that progesterone helped to increase bone density by 3-5% each year while estrogen provided no additional benefit.A year's supply of progesterone Cream will cost approximately $90-120 in Canada and the United States.