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Massively OP Podcast Episode 54: Something fishy is afoot

As we commence to emerge from winter, blinking at hints of any spring sun, the MMO industry gets wild and crazy with all types of interesting developments. This week for the show, Bree and Justin discuss POE Currency big launches, sad departures, and — needless to say — fishing. We’ll get the attention, hook, line, and sinker! You’ll be reeled in from this podcast even as we tackle the key topics! …We’ll stop now.

Closers Online is on its strategy to North America

It's been a significant while already for Closers Online in South Korea, China and Japan and then we still didn't purchase a statement concerning a North American and European release, some hints as an example an official page in English language and a lot of English files Closers Credits discovered inside game's code. However, today may include the day from the event the localization was revealed, although still in the unofficial manner.

SoulWorker Online video enhances the cuteness with new costumes

A new Soul Worker Dzenai Online video out of your Korean version shows two new costumes going to the present anime action MMORPG. As the description says, cute and sexy definitely coexist within these costumes, one mostly pink and white, another being non colored documents.

Path of Exile Overview

Path of Exile can be a gritty action RPG manufactured for gamers by gamers aiming to bring back the depth and competitive nature in the genre. The game pulls no punches – the complexity in the passive skill tree alone sends players scrambling for just a guide within a few minutes of creating their characters.

Path of Exile: Fall of Oriath expansion adds six new acts

There's a brand new update coming over to Path of Exile and man, this one will almost certainly be big. The Fall of Oriath has already been making players with this action RPG go crazy while using amount of latest content, which we might sum up in six new acts, but in addition the removal on the Cruel and Merciless difficulty, turning the POE Currency campaign right into a one ten-act playthrough.

Conan Exiles Preview

The survival genre is certainly one I’ve been hot for ever since I first stepped foot in ARK: Survival Evolved. Since that time, I’ve played pretty much any survival game I can get my practical from 7 Days to Die to The Long Dark. If it’s around, I’m grabbing it. Conan Exiles came upon my radar recently and suffice to convey I was excited allow it a shot.
Stepping in to a Hostile World

Path of Exile: The Awakening expansion out now

Path of Exile developers Grinding Gear Games are describing their game's free 'The Awakening' expansion as "Cheap POE Currency", an important milestone regarding the business of updating games. True to that, the patch notes that accompanied The Awakening's awakening yesterday are absolutely mahoossive—if I posted the whole thing here the web page could possibly crumple within the sheer weight of balancing adjustments and skill tree changes.


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