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Why a Wooden ‘Jhula’ has still not Lost its Charm?

Submitted by sjukunte on Wed, 04/24/2019 - 10:30

The Swing (Jhulas), reminds every person in India of their childhood days.  No matter how wonderfully an Indian house is decorated, it will still be regarded as incomplete without a wooden jhula. A wooden jhula for home is one of the necessities in an ideal Indian household because it is considered the soul of a home by many.

Even now, if you visit any house or apartment in India, most of them have an open balcony, where these wooden swings are beautifully decorated and renovated to give an artistic look. In most cases, these swings become the place of memorable conversations over the years that give rise to robust relationships.

Although the modern lifestyle has seen shrinking living spaces, these swings, after getting a modern touch, proudly occupy its place in a corner or balcony of a house to become the focal point of every member in the family.

A royal touch for your home:

Jhulas is regarded as a part of the Indian culture. With the advent of modern technologies, swings have been improvised accordingly to make it much more comfortable and spacious. However, the essence of a swing in a house has always remained the same.

Swings have a unique way of alluring people towards themselves. Even in this fast-paced world, where adulthood is all about complicated lives, everyone somewhere misses their childhood days. It can be said that it’s the memories and the nostalgia that people can relate their childhood with which makes them an inalienable part of human life even in this current scenario. Hence, it can be predicted that the swings will never go out of fashion.

Easy to accommodate in your room: 
Even though in the recent times most apartments don’t have space or a balcony like early days, it doesn’t discourage people from figuring out means of accommodating a swing in their house with a bit of innovation. For example, fixing a hook properly at the centre of the ceiling and then placing the wooden swing at the middle of a room.

Relaxing and comforting:

Many people consider it as the stress-buster - after a long tiring day, one can sit and relax with a cup of coffee or read novels, ending the exhausting day on a beautiful note.

Moreover, maintaining a swing is exceptionally cheap, and any problem can be easily repaired in a matter of hours. For many, it is one of the most refreshing places where an individual can feel mentally refreshed. If a house has a garden area, then there is no other place which can provide a better essence of a swing than the same.

Popular among kids:

Swings remain one of the most favourite spots among the kids who love to spend their time playing on it. Hence, families often opt for swings as it keeps their kid in a jovial mood.  

Jhulas help to build the most amazing memories, which always remain a part of people’s lives even after prolonged years.