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Top 10 Things to Consider Before Hiring an iPhone Development Company

Submitted by siyacarla on Tue, 01/21/2020 - 09:27

The iOS market is rapidly pacing at a significant speed. The care to introduce new iOS apps to the users is picking up speed and more and more businesses are getting interested in it. With roughly around 2.2 million apps on the Apple App store, the competition gets tough and thus iPhone app development companies get a massive call out to help businesses at this time.

While hiring an iPhone app development company, a business needs to have various lookouts before finalizing one. What are those? We have picked the top 10 things to consider before hiring an iPhone development company. Let's check them out.

1) Portfolio Management

One of the first things that a business needs to do is look at the portfolio of the iPhone application development company to have a better understanding of what they have worked on so far. A portfolio is a clear picture of the services provided by the development company to their clients.

It also shares the information on the versatility of the company on working on a varied number of industries. The better the portfolio, the better would be the trust between the client and the company.

2) App Development Team

Next, a business cannot ignore is the understanding of the team of iOS app developers. iOS app development is all about how talented, experienced the team of developers is. A business may not want to associate with a development company with unskilled developers.
This could ruin the idea of the app development and could also delay or hamper the success of the app. It's better to associate with a company that is equipped with brilliant developers who understands your requirement and creates it as required.

3) iOS Programming Proficiency

This point is somehow interrelated with the above factor. An iOS development company would be having a team of developers that are well-versed and proficient with iOS app programming languages. This skill is needed to be sure that the developer has a hold on the app programming language and could develop any app easily.

The languages on which an iOS app is developed are Objective C, Swift Programming language, and more. If the iOS app development company has developers qualified in these languages, then it’s advisable to hire that company.

4) Data Security

No one can deny the importance of data and its security in any app development process. The business and the development company both realize how fatal it could be if the data is lost or security is breached.

The brand Apple is very conscious of its apps and its control and mechanism over security features. A business should look for an iPhone development company that provides rich security features and manage the app security effectively and efficiently.

5) Communication

Another aspect that decides the collaboration with an iPhone app development company is the mode and effectiveness of communication between the client and the development company. It’s a known fact that a business would never want to associate with a development company that lacks an effective communication strategy between the parties.
Look for a company that ensures to channel an effective communication method so that all the updates, modifications could be shared with the teams on a real-time basis.

6) Time-to-Market

You may have found a perfect iPhone app development company, but what is the use if their time-to-market is slow. Yes, the essential need to launch the app on time is another challenge that most businesses face. This essentially hits the business's success as the right time-to-market impacts promotion strategies.

If the iPhone development company fails to meet the faster time-to-market timelines, then the business needs to re-think their hiring decision.

7) Client References

Next to look at is the client references for the development company. It's better to discuss this with the development company's clients. They would be the right person to explain all the potential benefits and threats of hiring the development company. Since the client already has had the experience with the company, they would share all the things discreetly and honestly. Their feedback, testimonials help a lot in finalizing the decision.

8) Testing

An app is developed one time. But to ensure that it can perform and function in any situation, testing is required at every interval of the development process. A good iPhone development company looks into testing the app at various platforms, operating systems, screen sizes, etc. to analyze and see the errors in consistency, usability, and functionality. Look for a development company that uses beta testing, bug fixing solutions.

9) Deployment Success

Next comes the deployment success of the iPhone app on the Apple App Store. Apple has a strict guideline for the deployment of the app on its app store. The iPhone application development company needs to meet every guideline to get the app deployed on the App Store.

Since Apple is very much finicky about its quality, they want the apps to be highly-qualified for users to use. A business should look for a development company that has a proven record of meeting the guidelines by developing quality apps so that it has a successful deployment rate.

10) Cost

Last but not the least is the budget of the overall development. A business may want an app that has all features and functionalities which might make the app complex. This could be managed by implementing only basic a USP of the app so that users find it simple to use. Later on, more features could be added to make the app meaningful.
This adds to the cost. Maintenance and support after deployment is also an add-on to the cost. This should be discussed at the start and then move on with the development.


The development of an iOS app is a critical task and requires a qualified iOS app development company to make this happen. A business should look at all the aspects before finalizing it. After all, it's the app that is going to be the face of the business and bring success to it.