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Who is the top quarterback in NFL history

Submitted by Simon on Thu, 09/14/2017 - 22:36

Rugby is the first sport in the United States, NFL is the most profitable sports league, but its players income is not as good as NBA players, which is determined by the different characteristics of the two coalitions. According to the 2016 data, NBA League 2016-17 season revenue of about 6 billion US dollars, of which 3 billion US dollars to be allocated to the players, while the NFL revenue reached 13 billion US dollars, of which about 6 billion to the players.

But the difference is, NBA team up to 15 people, the league up to 450 players. In the NFL, a total of 32 teams, each team has 53 players, the league's total number of players reached 1696 people. In simple terms, the average salary of NBA players is nearly $ 7 million, about twice the average salary of NFL players.

In addition, the NBA superstar signing, the contract is basically all the full protection, and NFL top players Madden Mobile Coins, the contract is divided into full protection, part of the protection and non-security part. Such as Karl, Lark, Rogers and Manning NFL top quarterback, also can receive 20 to 25 million US dollars between the annual salary, but they are quite part of the contract are non-guaranteed. This is also one of the reasons why the NFL Alliance 20 big quarterback contract in the full amount of money added together, almost as much as the amount of money in the library, Griffin and Lori.

NBA players salary income treatment, far more than the NFL, also attracted the attention of football players. Such as Denver Broncos outside Emmanuel - Saunders to ridicule their own may be wrong to engage in the movement. Baltimore Ravens main runner Justin - Forsett said that after reading the NBA contract, he should quickly let his son to practice basketball.

And this may be exactly what the NBA wants to see. NBA players ultra-high contract treatment, will attract more and more small sportsmen who are engaged in basketball career, NBA talent will be more prosperous.