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Birthstones according to Zodiac Sign and Month

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The worldwide fascination with birthstones has been on for at least a couple millennia.  The Indians, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Persians are some of the the early civilisations that treasured these gems, these lucky birthstones based on date of birth, even tens of thousands of years ago.  The tradition, of course, has continued, for a variety of reasons.
Precious gems make for wonderful trinkets and birthstone jewelry is as symbolic as it's beautiful.  You may believe that they bring you fortune, or just love the way they look.  It is not uncommon to gift a birthstone necklace, a birthstone necklace or other birthstone jewellery to someone special on milestone birthdays.  In fact, birthstone rings are a popular option for people who want to wear finger rings adorned with a rock.  And it is not only for ladies, men's birthstone rings are already common in Asia and gaining ground globally.  Birthstone engagement rings and birthstone wedding rings, too, are the go-tos when searching for unique and off-beat choices.
If you're questioning yourself"What is My Birthstone?" , the first rule is to find out your gemstone according to your date of arrival.  In other words, that birthstone falls under your zodiac sign.  Then you may choose the ideal pair of birthstone rings or birthstone charms to purchase.  Here's the list of related birthstones by Zodiac sign.
Are not you lucky if you're born under the Aries sun sign?  Derived from the Greek word Adamas, the diamond is a gemstone for Aries symbolizes strength, long-lasting love, and affection.
Ambitious and adventuresome, Aries strives to be the best in what they undertake.  It is no wonder then, that the rock that represents them is the mighty bead -- the hardest substance in the world.  Passion and strength embody the individuals born under this sign, making them great leaders.
The bead shows the wearer's willingness to move forward in difficult scenarios, much like the hardheaded Ram, the fearless animal that represents the Aries zodiac sign.  Need another reason to buy a diamond birthstone necklace?  It's believed that when Aries wears birthstone jewelry, the bead can help provide a clearer path as you forge your way forward.
Taureans are among the most sensual of their zodiac signs -- ruled by the planet Venus, they love luxury and the finer things.  Those born under this sign enjoy the sensation of being pampered and feeling calm -- something that's reflected from the calming properties of their birthstone as well.  They are not slackers, though.  They are driven and will work tirelessly to achieve their goals of a comfortable and pleasurable life.
The gemstone for Taurus, the emerald, is thought to bring insight, excellent fortune and vitality into the wearer.  In ancient times, the green of this birthstone was reported to be the dewdrops of Venus.  An emerald on a Taurean (i.e. bulls) adds a touch of tranquillity and calm to soothe the enthusiastic nature of the Taurean.  It's said that when a Taurean conveys an emeraldthey go closer toward an awakening of a religious kind, where they become aware of their environment and less focussed in their personal wants and needs.  For those Taureans who have an affinity toward material things, wearing an emerald can assist letting go of these attachments, leading to the appreciation of more meaningful experiences.
This playful and smart Gemini zodiac sign is represented by the both iridescent gemstone pearl, both their luminescent beauty drawing admirers.
This moon-shaped pearl is among the most well-loved gems, produced from the ocean (and not a gemstone at all).  For aeons, it has been a sign of innocence.  While in Greek mythology, the pearl reflects the tears of God, Arabs consider that pearls were made if moonlight fell on dewdrops on the sea floor.  Pearls are delicate and extremely vulnerable to light, typically worn as necklaces and bracelets.  A single pearl also produces a wonderful birthstone pendant for Gemini.
Ruby birthstone jewels are striking and stunning.  The king of gems, Ruby is the Cancer gemstone has always been associated with royalty.  Today, this fiery rock is generally correlated with love and passion, but its other properties, especially helpful to Cancerians, which shouldn't be ignored.
Cancerians have the ability to easily read energies, while it is a room or individuals or just 1 individual.  While they are extremely intuitive, they are also reserved and their tough shell often hides their authentic, talented personalities from the external world.  Wearing a blossom can aid the confidence of a shy Cancerian, helping them excel in their career, professional and private life.  After the crab wears a ruby, they are completely protected, allowing them to discount any pressure to not be .
If you are looking for unique gemstone jewellery to get a Leo, Peridot makes for amazing adornments.  Since the ancient times, Sardonyx was the birthstone of these born in August.   This rock is thought to give the wearer of the gem power and influence, appropriate for the lively and enthusiastic Leo, represented by the king of the jungle -- the lion.  Leos love the spotlight and the Peridot is a perfectly-unique gemstone to celebrate their individuality.
Spinel is another stone connected with Leos.  Many believe that the Spinel stone protects daring and dramatic Leos from harm.
Sapphire is the bead of Virgo and is one of the most desirable gemstones in the world.  Offered in a variety of colours, this stone's color is usually specified using its name (eg.  Pink sapphire), except when referring to this stunning blue selection, which is only called Sapphire.
Those born under the Virgo zodiac sign are also proven to be meticulous and practical.  Virgos are renowned perfectionists who plan and analyse everything down to the last detail.  Wearing a sapphire, thus, is highly beneficial as sapphires are thought to create their wearers even more observant.  It's also thought to protect the wearer from envy and represents trust.  In early times, clergymen frequently wore jewelry with Sapphire stones as a symbol of their holiness.
Opals are gorgeous stones which come in a range of colors and may even change colour as light reflects onto their face.  The Opal has the ability to absorb some terrible aura in its area.  Librans are tasteful and artistic; their eye for symmetry make them fans of exquisite design and hence Opal is a gemstone for Libra zodiac sign.
They are also friendly and generous, keen not to upset the equilibrium and stability of situations -- reflected in the scales which symbolise this signal.   The Opal will help protect their wearer from the rest and also bad vibes of the folks around them.
Scorpios are instinctive and superior readers of people.  You don't need to get on the wrong side of a scorpion; they are calculating nature will ensure that they will get back at you later on.  It's not to say they're vengeful but rather passionate and confident within their aims -- they expect the same sureness of others.
This is why the perfect gemstone for Scorpions is the Topaz, a gemstone associated with love and affection.  Bestowing strength and intelligence on all those who use it, a Topaz provides Scorpions the thickness to view things from other people's point of view.  Therefore, it makes them more well-rounded individuals.
Exceptionally creative and always curious, Sagittarius enjoys the adventure of any kind and will constantly put out themselves if it means experiencing something fresh and exciting.  They are warm, friendly and welcoming -- always surrounded by adoring friends and lovers.   Offered in a broad selection of colors, zircons with earthly tones are popular as parts of jewelry ensembles.
The very first month of this year is when most people begin on a fresh page.  We create new resolutions, pledges to transform our own lives and set new goals.  The garnet is, thus, an apt gemstone for Capricorns.  With the body of a goat and a tail that's of a fish, the sea-goat is wilful and focussed but can also manoeuvre through barriers with ease so that they achieve their goals.
This is why the garnet is so helpful to Capricorns.  The rock builds nourishment, increases energy levels, and even fosters self-esteem -- assisting people born under this sign reach their potential even quicker.  The Garnet is also thought to decrease body toxins, and ease depression.
According to ancient legend, the beautiful colour of this Aquarians birthstone, Amethyst is thought to have come in the tears of this god of wine, Dionysus.  The Amethyst includes a relaxing lavender hue that represents serenity and temperance, ideal for those born in the cold, short and often frantic month of February.
Free-spirited Aquarians are creative thinkers and philosophers who want to change the world.  Brimming with passion and ideas, they can sometimes get carried away with their non-conforming attitudes.  That is the reason why amethyst is the best stone to lend a little practicality to their radical thinking.  Lore has it this diamond with maintaining you levelheaded when worn and used to be carried and worn in jewels in ancient times as it was thought to prevent intoxication.
Derived from the words'aqua', which signifies water, and'marine' which means of the sea, this rock embodies the depth, beauty and energy of the sea, entirely apt of the water sign Pisces.  Pisces are both sensitive, intuitive and compassionate but may often get lost between the realms of fact and their own soothing fantasy world.
Wearing aquamarine helps bridge the gap and strike a balance between their real lives and affinity for daydreaming, as it is said to make its wearer wiser.  Signifying calmness the aquamarine bead matches every spring and summer wardrobe perfectly.  This gemstone symbolizes love great health, and hope.
Not at all.  Birthstones are only associated with zodiac signs.    Jewellers have comprised months of this year (incorrectly) because they wish to sell everyone birthstones, instead of those that believe in astrology.  As you may know, there are just two zodiac signs that fall in every month of this year (since they accompany a 23rd to 22nd cycle).  Be careful what you think in!
The principal difference, as pointed out previously, is advertising.  While the correct format for picking a birthstone is in line with the gem related to your zodiac sign, marketers often promote birthstones month-wise to make it even more accessible and easy to comprehend for their audiences and appeal to those who aren't interested at the astrologically importance of these gemstones.
Therefore, two individuals might be born in precisely the same month but when one is born at its beginning and another in its ending, they are going to have difference zodiac birthstones as they're born under different star signs.  Some marketing material, nevertheless, will club these two dates as using the exact same birthstone.  So it's always a fantastic idea to follow zodiac sign birthstones when picking a personalised item of jewelry instead of going with a jeweller's monthly proposal of a'blessed' birth month gem.
The zodiac calendar is historical, whereas the calendar we now use originated comparatively recent ever.  The Julian calendar was introduced by the Romans in 45 BC and this calendar did not align based on zodiac signs.  Even in the future, with alterations made and the chance for the calendar to align with all the zodiac signs, other pursuits were given higher importance.  Accordingly, in recent times there have been attempts to simply the usage of birthday diamonds into the general public, categorising them month-wise whilst promoting their attractiveness and advantages.
Well, when you have already bought a birthstone that's connected with your birth , rather than your birth sign, most likely you are wearing a birthstone that's associated with the prior month.  What if your birthday is on March 25th and you've purchased an aquamarine necklace based on monthly birthstones rather than your zodiac birthstone which is actually diamond?  There is no need to worry.  Your zodiac birthstone is the gem that is considered to influence your potential in the most positive way, however, the birthstone of the prior archery sign also has significance to you.  These gemstones are called your twelfth house gem and therefore are said to help your interacts with other people has it allows you to tune into their energies.  These gems provide the wearer using a psychic energy that makes it possible for them to pick up the fantastic qualities of those around them.
Birthstones make excellent gifts, not only for that special individual, but also for relatives and friends.  Do let us know in the comments if you've got any questions regarding the birthstones and their affiliation with zodiac signs.  Do note that although we have connected one rock with every zodiac sign, there might be others which are now accepted, also.  By Way of Example, Spinel is now accepted as a birthstone for Leo, along with the Peridot.