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Submitted by aldollsale on Fri, 01/27/2023 - 16:38

When discussing whether older adults should be "sexually interested," you don't have to be polite, avoid taboos, and avoid taboos. The elderly are also human, and they must have sexual desire and "sexual interest", but society suppresses the elderly, attracts the elderly, and confuses the elderly. As you know, when people get old, their physical function declines, their physical strength is not as good as before, and their thinking activities also decline. is also like this.

Older People Should Face Up To Their Sexual Needs

The elderly should face up to their physical needs and firmly believe that "block is better than sparse".

Older people are naturally supposed to have libidos and "sexual interests," but how do we fix that? Some wives have been together for a long time. The wife can't go with me first, or she can't accompany me, or I can't meet the once-a-year requirement. Currently, older adults are not advised to seek out sex workers to meet their needs.

Loli love dolls may be a good choice. If contacted by the author, the elderly are generally embarrassed by the author's suggestion to "solve physiological needs with silicone loli sex dolls", but is this a shame? is this normal? Of course, the older generation, especially when it comes to gender, is not as universally accepted as today's youth (even if they don't use it).
Addressing the embarrassment common to older adult with their familiar sex doll is the key to unlocking solutions to loneliness, loneliness and sexuality. It has completely changed the concept of "love doll" and can improve the embarrassment of the physical and mental health of the elderly in the world.

How Do Middle-Aged Friends Collect BBW Sex Doll?

How do seniors collect mini sex doll? The answer to this question can not be achieved overnight. It should be divided according to the actual situation, family environment, and personal preferences. The authors below discuss how to gather answers from their perspective. First, the family environment is very important. Seniors who already own silicone sex dolls and real sex dolls think there are two scenarios.

One is being able to get support from family members, and the other is an elderly person living alone. Considering that the latter is the majority, and most of the elderly live alone, in the latter case, there is no need to worry about how to collect anime sex doll. We recommend placing it directly on your bed as a nighttime sleep companion, or on the living room sofa. However, since younger generations, relatives and friends may visit your home, it is recommended to place it in a more private area of the bedroom.
As long as it is the first time, and not in an ordinary place like the living room, whether you live alone or with your family, you can get the support of your family. Assuming that the author is an old man, the collection and placement of flat chest sex doll should not only consider how the family environment should be considered, but also consider factors such as height and weight. Beds and sofas are definitely good choices.

In terms of location, older people also have their own preferences for collecting and placing beautiful teen sex doll. Some elderly sex dolls are mainly for company, so they are placed at the dining table (when eating together), on the sofa (when watching TV or resting), (when sleeping), next to the reclining chair (when taking a nap with your partner), etc. Some elderly people with strong libido need to put a primary school teen sex doll on the bed and go to Wushan at any time.