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Should I Have Surge Protection for My Home?

Whether you are working at home during the pandemic or you are concerned about the computers and other electronic devices around your office, if you don’t have a surge protector, you may need one. There are several benefits of using a surge protector, and they create a certain level of protection between you and the rest of the world. But, if you don’t know what makes a good surge protector great, it may be time to find out.
What is a surge protector, and is it a power strip? Power strips are merely multi-outlet products that an extension of an outlet. This differs from a surge protector because it merely gives you more “room” to plug things in as far as electronics. However, a surge protector, or surge suppressor, offer protectin from power spikes. A power strip does not provide this protection. The average surge protector is cheap, but the better the protection level, the most a surge suppressor will cost.
If you are still wondering when you need a surge protector, think of the investment as a warranty on your electronics. There are some surge protectors that offer a warranty in the event that your electronics are damage during a surge or spike. While it is best when you do not need the surge protector, knowing that your computers, tablets, phones, printers, scanners, and more are all protected is enough of an investment for most people. And, with this promise of protection, you have more outlets than you need. And, while you may not think that you need 12 outlets now, you just might later on.
A surge protector comes with enough spacing for those big plugs as well. When you have electronic devices with wall warts, or plugs that convert AC power to DC power, you can plug these into the better surge protectors. The surge protectors with wider spacing can even be rotated or moved to accommodate your plugs. And, some surge protectors are able to connect to phone and cable lines - protecting these lines from power spikes or surges.
Whether you contact a professional at Laurel County HVAC about your business’ surge protection or are looking into one for your home, know that surge protectors come with a range of benefits. More than making room for 12 electronic devices, they work hard to protect these devices as well.