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How to Find the Best Dropship Products to Sell

Submitted by sho on Wed, 02/20/2019 - 06:34

Drop shipping as a business model can be a very profitable endeavor once you can identify a suitable niche. Drop shipping has a lot of pros and cons attached to it. The good sides of drop shipping are that you can set up your business with very little overhead costs. You can perform a thorough dropship product research like dropship sneakers and experiment with your business strategies to identify what’s best for your business. Overall, this business model offers convenience over anything else. With that being said, one of the major downsides of drop shipping as a business is that you will have very little control over the entire process. Now that you have gained an overview of drop shipping, below you will find a couple of tips to find products to sell on Shopify store and the items that you can sell like hotcakes on the site.
Drop shipping is unlike any kind of conventional business model where you need to keep an inventory of your products in order to sell them. Just test out the market by selling products without keeping inventory and easily change your product catalog if you feel like the current model is not giving the desired results for you.
A quick fix for your wholesale dresses solution might be to try out the most popular products on Shopify, but keep in mind that if you do so, you might face stiff competition and you might not get enough sales from your drop shipping business. That is why a smarter decision will be to select a profitable niche that is not popular, thus you will face less competition. Employing this strategy might prove to be your cash cow, and there are plenty of great products on Shopify that is not much popular but offer great value to customers.
After you have figured out your niche, it is important to price your products accurately so that your products can easily attract consumers. The ideal profit margin is around 30%, and once you figure out a killer niche and put together an affordable price tag along with your products, your drop shipping business will be ready to take off!
A great thing about Shopify is that they offer Oberlo as a drop shipping agent for free, which is a very trusted site among its users. Always choose a trusted drop shipping partner to ship your products as that will take out the uncertainty from your business and let you focus solely on your products.
Step 1: Starting the 14-day Free Trial on Shopify
The first step in the dropshipping business is to start the free 14-day trial on the Shopify store. Once you are set up on the site, you are ready to start your business!
Step 2: Installing the Oberlo App on the Shopify Store
As Oberlo is fully owned by Shopify, it is completely integrated inside the store. Once you enter the Oberlo page, you can search for products in the ‘Search for Products’ Tab.
Now you can search for potential products to start your dropshipping business inside Oberlo.
Step 3: Selecting Products to Sell in the Shopify Store
You can search for the ‘Search for products’ tab by using specific keywords such as ‘horse’ or ‘bracelet’ to look for products to sell on your store.
Step 4: Importing Products from Oberlo into the Shopify Drop Ship Store
Once you zero down on your products, you can import the product list into your drop ship store on Shopify.
It usually takes 2-3 weeks for the imported items to arrive at your inventory warehouse. You also have the option to edit product titles and descriptions on your dropship site.
Step 5: Categorizing the Oberlo Products
You now need to categorize your products into relevant lists in order to make it easier for your customers to navigate through your dropship site.
Step 6: Finish the Setup Process of the Drop Ship Site
Now you need to set up a theme for your Shopify site.
There are a lot of free themes on the Shopify site to choose from.
You also need to set up the store navigation from Main Menu, to the Contact us page.
After you complete the site navigation setup, you need to set up the Payment, Tax & Shipping Information for your dropship store. Once you complete all these steps, you need to connect your drop ship site to your Shopify domain name.
Another tip in doing dropship product research is to sell things that you share a personal experience with. This will help you to identify the various pros and cons associated with that product and assist you in dealing with your consumers. This will also give you an extra edge over your competitors as you can share the technical aspects of the product in question with your customers. For example, you are selling a drone in Shopify and if you are able to list all the pros and cons and the various technical aspects of that drone, it is more likely that people would buy from you as you can give an in-depth knowledge of that drone based on your personal experience.
Once you zero down on the price and the other technical aspects regarding your drop shipping business, you now have to take care of the most pivotal part of your journey: How to find the right kind of supplier for your business? You can either try the quick way which is to use Oberlo as your supplier and reap the benefits of being on Shopify, or you can try the tedious procedure of going to AliExpress and find a range of suppliers for different kinds of products. Oberlo might be quick and easy to operate from, but if you are able to use AliExpress and get your products from there, you can find cheaper products that can rake in more profits for your business. AliExpress is a lot less reliable than Oberlo, so it is important that you carefully vet your suppliers and contact them before you decide to make them your primary supplier.
As drop shipping is a very promising business model, once you are able to identify trending products and able to locate vendors from where you can get cheap and reliable products, your business will be ready to explode. Trending products are very easy to sell and you can also make a hefty profit from listing those products as people are ready to pay top dollar when a product is going through a trend.
The last part of your drop shipping business is how you deal with delivery times of your products. A downside of operating a drop shipping business is that you need to face long delivery times of your products. There is a high chance that most of your products are sourced from China, thus taking a long time to ship them and reach your shores. A trick to counter these long delays is to use the e-Packet option during shipping. This method is suitable for delivering lightweight products which only weigh a couple of pounds and it allows for faster delivery of your products. This method of delivery allows for shipping high-quality products in a relatively short amount of time and is essential to satisfy your buyers, as no one likes to wait for such a long time for delivery of their products.
These are some of the tips to find products to sell in Shopify store along with the top trending products of 2019. As this is a very simple business to start with, once you are diligent and patiently perform dropship product research, you too can find a whole bunch of great products to sell. Then it’s all about figuring a great price for your products and identifying a suitable niche, after which you can start experimenting with your products and see what the ideal product for your drop shipping business is.