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Shani Preeti Homam

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Shani Preeti Homam is a ritual that is performed to reduce or nullify the malefic effects of Shani, the deity who rules planet Saturn. This Homa is recommended when a person’s birth chart reveals the malefic position of Lord Shani or his malefic association with other planets. Saturn is a stern disciplinarian and brings success only after hard work and struggle.

Shani is an important planet among the Navagrahas of Vedic astrology. Its movements can impact our education, career, marriage, children, business, wealth, health, etc. He is the most feared Graha, but he does not deserve such a reputation. Shani is the one who removes our sins and is also the ‘Karmakaraka’ (one who influences our work life).
Why is Shani Feared?

People blame Shani for their bad luck and problems. He never condones our sins and makes sure that we get due punishment for them. Sade Sati can be a very difficult time for most people, and even favorable planets will not give any positive results if Shani is not placed well in our birth chart.

The Skanda Purana’s Kashi section describes the birth of Shani. He was the son of the Sun God or Surya and Chhaya, who was the shadow of his real wife, Sanjana. His brother is Lord Yama, the God of death, who judges people’s sins after they die. But people are more frightened of Shani as he punishes people for their evil deeds when they are still alive.

Soon after Shani’s birth, his gaze made Surya’s charioteer fall down and hurt himself. His horses were also blinded. Even Surya was affected, and he went into eclipse due to Shani’s powerful gaze, say the Puranas.

As Shani is a slow-moving planet, its impact lasts longer than in the case of other planets. It takes two and a half years to cross one zodiac sign. Shani can bring fame and wealth when favourably placed in the horoscope.

What is Shani Jayanthi?

Shani was born on Vaishak Vadya Chaturdasi Amavasya. This is observed as Shani Jayanti or Shani Amavasya. Shani Dev regarded Lord Shiva as his guru. He represents Shiva’s Vairagya principle, too.

Sade Sati

In Vedic astrology, Shani Sade Sati is a troublesome period. At this time, one can face many adversities and challenges like accidents, diseases, business failures, and money- related problems. During this period, one’s life may change entirely, mostly in a negative way.

Hanuman and Shani

The Surya Sanhita says that Hanuman was born on a Saturday and is an avatar of Shiva called Rudra. Hanuman rescued Shani from the demon king Ravana’s clutches. Ravana had kept Shani captive in a dungeon to eliminate problems and obstacles in his life. The grateful Shani promised Hanuman that people who worshipped Hanuman on Saturdays would be spared from his adverse impact.

Effects of Malefic Shani

When Shani is favorable in the birth chart, it can bestow good knowledge, wisdom, justice, honesty, ethics, patience, and the ability to work hard. He also gives wealth, good fortune, and long life when well placed.

Malefic Shani, also called Neecha Shani, makes a person lazy, sadistic, dishonest, greedy, irresponsible, and prone to addiction. Shani causes obstruction, grief, delay, poverty, short life, etc. He makes one lonely and helpless. They will suffer from thefts, lawsuits, enmity, etc. Imprisonment is also possible. Shani can give chronic diseases too.

When someone goes through a painful separation from their spouse, parents, or friends, Shani may be the reason. If Shani is in association with Venus or Shukra Graha (Venus), it may lead to separation from one’s spouse.

Shani is seen as the planet of darkness, which rules our dark side. It is both a destroyer and a giver. Worshipping Shani on Shani Amavasya/Shani Jayanti removes all obstructions in life and fulfills wishes.

It is said that even the gods are not spared by Shani. Supposedly, even Lord Shiva tried to hide to escape the Vakra Drishti of Shani! It drives home the point that no one can escape their karma or Shani.  

To get the blessings of Shani, keep the following things in mind:

Do not trouble weak persons.

Do not oppress women, as Shani will punish you harshly.

Do not insult or humiliate those who work hard.

Do not harm others.


Shani Preethi Homam is a ritual that helps attract Shani’s blessings. When performed along with Navagraha Homam, it attracts the benevolence of the other planets too. When the Homam is performed, the special offerings for Shani are prescribed as per the person’s natal chart.