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Sexual Stimulation needed

Male impotency and starting on Viagra is surely a step in achieving a happier and more fulfilling relationship. But there sure are certain things you must know before you start ingesting the drug. So here are seven top tips to help you have the Viagra experience you want. Also, wanting to buy Viagra 200 mg Online? Here is a trusted source to order Viagra online from USA’s most trusted online pharmacy store-.

It takes time

Buy Viagra Online works after 30 minutes to one hour of ingestion to pull up its full effect. It is important that you understand that the time may vary person to person and can even take upto 4 hours for Viagra to reach its optimum level.

Sexual Stimulation needed

Viagra is not a guarantee of sexual satisfaction of either of participants or for mere induction of an erection. The sexual desire and sexual stimulation is necessary for an erection to occur. So, very important that person is sexually aroused to maintain and attain erection.


Though the product information pamphlet suggest that food prior to taking Viagra 100 mg pill doesn’t effects the drug powers, it was reported by patients that fatty meal or large meal before ingesting Viagra leads to more time for treatment to take effect.

Getting in the system

If the drug is not working on you on first or second time you take it, it is really common and okay. It can take several attempts to get fully into patient system and pull off an optimum effect. Six or seven attempts should be made before you move on to other drugs.

Only Original

Always buy Viagra pills from reliable and reputable source for quality assurance.  Cheap alternatives are available online and some of them can be life threatening too as there is no quality control.

So as to ensure the drug quality and delivery services, buy Viagra 150 Mg online overnight from us- a licensed USA based online pharmacy selling genuine drugs. All that’s needed is genuine prescription approved by doctor or healthcare professional. Ensuring your safety, you are one tap away from purchase.

Bottom of Form

Right dose

The recommended does is 50 mg for average men. Only healthcare professional will be able to tell the right dosage for you. Also, not more than one tablet per day is to be taken.


Common side-effects of drug include headache, nausea, flushing. If you notice something unusual it’s recommended to consult doctor immediately.