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Things You Should Know Before Heading For Malaysian Vacation

Malaysia is undeniably one of those beautiful Southeast Asian countries that attract zillions of travel-enthusiasts all around the globe every year. Malaysia tourism offers travellers with a unique chance to explore its urban life along with a rich cultural heritage. Here are the things that one must know before visiting Malaysia to have a hassle-free travel experience.

1. Cultural Heritage
Malaysia is predominantly governed by Muslim Malays but that doesn’t any how harm other cultures, religions and believes to flourish here. Indians, Chinese and indigenous ethnicities play important roles in making Malaysia a tolerant and incredibly multicultural destination to travel. Malaysia tour literally allows visitors to take a trip of lifetime.

2. Really Cheap Air Flights
Air Asia has indeed made travelling easy, fast and affordable in Malaysia. This Malaysia based budget airline connects all major Malaysian tourist destinations with other cities in Asia. Just be cautious about the baggage limits and timings of the flight so that you don’t miss your journey.

3. Speaking English Is Absolutely Fine
Malay or Malaysian Malay is the official language spoken in Malaysia. Although Malay is spoken by large part of the Malaysian population and it is practiced religiously in all public schools of the country, English is also a commonly spoken language in Malaysia. There is absolutely no problem if you choose to communicate in English during your Malaysia tour package.

4. Amazing Malaysian Cuisines
Food is surely one of the best things about Malaysia tour. Be it cheap roadside stalls or plush multicuisine restaurants – there is something for everyone to relish. Pork is a very common item served on the menu in Malaysia but there are lot more other proteins available here. Malaysian cuisine is highly influenced by Indian, Chinese and Thai cooking styles and ingredients.

5. Take A Plunge At Infinity Pool
Kuala Lumpur is the most vibrant and beautiful city in Malaysia and no traveller ever dares to give it a miss. When you are in Kuala Lumpur, it is best to book your hotel paired with an infinity pool. Such pools are best places to have a breath-taking view of the city’s skyline.

6. Shopkeepers Are Not Always Locals
Malaysia is a shopping destination for sure. All major marketplaces of this country offer everything from high-end brands to local items. If you visit the shops at Petaling Street or Jalan Alor during your Malaysia package trip, you will be amazed to see that most of these shops are managed by foreign workers from Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Myanmar and some other Southeast Asian countries.

7. Intercity Train Ride Is Awesome
Malaysia, being the base of AirAsia, offers travellers cheap flights but that shouldn’t stop you from taking a ride in KTM ETS train. This is an amazing and affordable public transport system in Kuala Lumpur with shorter wait time. Travelling by train or road actually allows visitors to get up close with local people and culture.

8. Avoid Taxis
Taxi drivers in Malaysia particularly in Kuala Lumpur are infamous world-wide for their unfair demands, rude behaviour and poor service. Rigged meterbox, notorious driving, old vehicles are few of the reasons why it is not recommended to hire a taxi during Malaysia tour unless and until you are left with no other option.