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6 Travel Tips To Make Your Malaysia Trip Outstanding

Malaysia is one of the most visited tourist destinations from Southeast Asia. People around the world come to this country for its sun-kissed beaches, lush green rainforests and numerous entertainment opportunities. If you are heading to enjoy a Malaysia tourism vacation for the first time, then here are our travel tips to make your trip awesome.

1. Learn Useful Phrases In Local Language
Whenever you are in a foreign land, you will see people around you to speak in local language which is not always English. In Malaysia, three languages are vastly used by the locals – Malay, Chinese and Tamil. You must learn local versions of phrases like “Thank you”, “How are you?” and “How much does this cost?” to communicate with native people in a better way. Always talk to people with a broad smile in your face particularly if you are asking for directions or any kind of assistance.

2. Drugs Are Not Allowed
During your Malaysia tour package, don’t even think of doing drugs. Selling or buying or dealing with drugs in any manner is considered as a serious offence in this country. Punishment for drugs-related offenses includes hefty fines along with imprisonment. Before catching your flight to Malaysia, check your baggage carefully to be sure that there is no ‘questionable’ substance among your belongings.

3. What Is Duty-Free And What Is Not?
If you are a shopaholic then Malaysia is your heaven for sure. This country offers many types of duty-free concessions to lure travellers to indulge in a shopping spree. But there is an upper limit for buying specific things in Malaysia. One litre of wine or malt liquor or spirit is allowed per person. Travellers can bring maximum of 200 cigarettes per person while entering the country. If you have something to declare then take the Red Lane in the airport otherwise take the Green Lane.

4. Pack Judiciously
Malaysia is a tropical country situated very close to the Equator. Most part of this country remains hot and humid throughout the year except the highlands which are comparatively cooler. Malaysia is certainly not the place where you have to wear woollens. Take clothes that are lightweight and comfortable for your Malaysia tour package. It is best to flaunt your cotton dresses which are breathable and lightweight too. Choose light colours as they will reflect the heat and will keep you cool.

5. Avail Public Transport
All Malaysian cities are well connected with private and public transportation to make travelling easy. Trains, buses and taxis can be availed to get from one destination to another. Bus travelling is really cheap and you don’t have to wait too long to catch one of them. Taxis are useful to commute the short distances within the cities.

6. Try Foods From Hawker Stalls
Local cuisines in Malaysia are simply tempting and delicious too. They can be easily found at hawker stalls. These stalls may look little clumsy and thickly crowded but the delicacies served there are just awesome. Authentic Malaysian food is prepared fresh and served piping hot at these stalls. Food is dirt cheap at these stalls compared to high-end restaurants.