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What Is Checkpoint Network Security? How to Get Its Training?

Data breaches and inside cyber threats are increasing day by day and the main gateway for its entry could be a weak and unprotected network. There are many companies who are manufacturing security lock for your network which is known as a firewall. A firewall acts like a network security system that keeps a strong watch on incoming and outgoing network traffic and if in case it finds anything suspicious then it blocks its access so that you can have a secure network. Checkpoint Firewall Network Security makes sure that the Security gateway and Security management server is functioning properly. It checks each piece of information that is being sent through the network.

The Three Components of Checkpoint Solution Are:

Security Gateway: It is a tool the administer the company’s security policy, it is the main gateway for LAN.

Security Management Server: It is responsible for managing, storing and distributing the security policies to Security Gateway.

Smart Dashboard: This is the checkpoint client which creates and manages the security policy of the organization.

Benefits of

If you want to use Checkpoint Firewall then you need to understand how to connect and configure the software blades. CCSA Certification can prove to be really helpful for System Administrators, Security Engineers, Support Analysts, Network Engineers and other IT professionals. Once you have completed this course you will be able to run a network security operation in a more effective manner.

Jair Network And Services CCSA Training Workshop Includes:

• Checkpoint Cyber Certification Administrator (CCSA) R80.10 – (Exam # 156-215.80)
• Checkpoint Certified Expert (CCSE) R80.10 Exam # 156-315.80
• Checkpoint Certified Master (CCSM) R80.10 Exam #156-115.77
• Sandblast Agent
• Sandblast Network Zero Day protection
• Sandblast Mobile

Jair Network and Services is offering phenomenal training services for
Checkpoint Network Security. Majorly our Checkpoint security training revolves around the Firewall and VPNs. Once you have completed the software training with us you will be able to create and install the security policies, understand anti-spoofing management, handle logging, NAT and authentication etc. We conduct the Checkpoint CCSA Training Course in Delhi. Students can use lab and equipment to practically understand the concept of Checkpoint.