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Motor insurance: Tips for car and bike owners

Buying your first car or bike no doubt changes life forever. That tremendous amount of freedom, pride, joy and self-accomplishment of owning a new set of wheels also comes punctuated with some responsibility.

Family Floater – A cheaper health insurance solution

Indian market is always an open market, which is the reason why so many competitors brew up in each business segment.  Second largest population of the world demands wide variety of products in each business class, pressing button for more intense research and analysis on part of business.  History of insurance industry is reasonably old, when in ancient times people used barter system for exchange of goods and facility.  However, modern time insurance demand and supply have changed a lot.

Finding the optimal family health insurance plan

When you have a family, simply having insurance coverage for yourself is not enough. The thing is, some company-sponsored insurance plans may not extend coverage to your whole family – leaving you to find coverage yourself. If you are looking for family health insurance you will quickly find that there are so many options available that it can be simply overwhelming finding the best plan for your family.

An Insight Into Family Health Insurance Plans

A family plan is a contract or agreement that takes place between the policy holder and the insurer. Such a contract is basically designed to protect the customer and his dependent family members in the face of all kinds of financial constraints that arise out of an unprecedented medical emergency or an accidental and untimely death.

Making Your Home Safer to Get the Best Home Insurance Offers

Losing your home or having it severely damaged by flood, fire or any other disaster is tragic enough, but imagine having to foot the entire cost of rebuilding yourself. For most of us, our homes are the most valuable possessions that we will ever have, so home insurance is absolutely essential. If you have a mortgage on your home, the lender will require that you have buildings insurance at the very least, since they will also want to protect their investment.

What’s the best travel insurance for a walking tour?

In the old days, a traditional tour involved big groups in climate-controlled buses rolling along while the tour guide explained the significance of what you were seeing as you go by. These days, travelers are looking for something more and many turn to walking tours as a way to get more exercise, get closer to the local culture, and really experience the environment in which they are traveling.

Buy Travel Insurance Online and Avoid Standing in Long Queue

If you are willing to invest money and Buy Travel Insurance Online, avail help from online comparison websites. Here, you will get valuable comparison between different policies and make the best choice.

Reduce your Car Insurance Rates

Top tips for reducing car insurance rates

The key to reducing your car insurance policy’s monthly premiums lies in tailoring your insurance policy to provide cover that is specifically relevant to your own insurance needs, while simultaneously acting responsibly in order to keep your personal risk profile low.

Follow the below car insurance tips to ensure that you get the best car insurance coverage at the best rates when next you’re in the market for a car insurance policy.

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Top Considerations before Choosing a Vehicle on Lease Term

Leasing a car is quite different from buying a new one. If you’re about to lease a new car, you must understand the basics of car leasing.


What Is a Car Lease?

The vehicle lease services are where you have to pay a fixed amount to your leasing company for the right to drive your leased car. Your monthly payments decided by the lease company before you sign the lease agreement. As you sign the deal, you can simply get to drive the car for a specified period of time, usually two or three years.


What at the End of the Leasing Agreement?


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