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Dance to modify

In the event of a dance, eli must make the necessary and customary personal grooming. Among them, the emphasis is mainly three.

(1) appearance

In terms of grooming, participants in the dance should bathe and comb the appropriate hair styles. Men must shave, and women should shave their armpits when wearing short or sleeveless clothes. There are two main points to be stressed: first, it is important to pay attention to personal oral hygiene, to carefully remove bad breath, and to fast food that is irritating and stimulating. Secondly, patients with trauma, cold and other infectious diseases should consciously not attend the dance, otherwise they may not only infect people, but also affect their mood.

(2) makeup

Before going to the ball, the qualified person should make appropriate makeup according to the situation of the individual. The main focus of men's makeup is usually hair, skin care, and quits. The main focus of women's makeup is beauty and hairdressing. Compared with household makeup and work makeup, because the ball is mostly held in the evening, the dancer must be difficult to take off the light, so the dance makeup allowed to be relatively strong and strong. But if it is not for the masquerade party, it is necessary to pay attention to the beauty and nature of the ball.

(3) clothing

Under normal circumstances, PROM dress must be clean, neat, beautiful and generous. If conditional, can wear elegant dress, fashion, national dress. If the organizer has a special request, it should be followed carefully. Hats, sunglasses, or sandals, sandals and sneakers are not usually allowed at the party. In the more formal folk dance, it is generally not allowed to wear coat, military uniform, police uniform, uniform. The dress that wears is too revealing, too short, too small, too tight, easily can make oneself "spring light leakage", not grave, also not appropriate.Read more at:affordable prom dresses|   short   prom dresses 2018