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Here what you should know to start investing on the Internet

Most people are looking for ways to preserve and increase their savings. Some technology-friendly people are asking: where to invest money on the Internet, and how to do it right.

There are many directions on the web that can be used for enrichment. Some of them are more reliable than others, while others are completely fraudulent. Therefore, in order not to lose the available finances, one must have at least a basic idea of every variant that is most actual in 2018.

Online casinos

This is a very good option for gambling people. Online gaming is now very popular, the progressive jackpots are now a reality. So you can earn good money. In addition, if you use bonuses from gaming operators, you can save a lot on your first deposits. Of course, the profit here is not the same as in the Hype projects, but at a profitability of 200-300% per year, if the finance is entrusted to a good casino with an excellent reputation.

The most profitable direction is the HYPE projects. But at once it is necessary to make a reservation that this is a rather risky way of increasing money, therefore it is first necessary to weigh the pros and cons well.

HYPE projects are investment funds that yield super-profitability in a short time. Some of them are able to bring up to 3778% per year. That is, with investments of $ 1000 in 12 months you can get $ 37,780. It works quite simply: the project gives profitability due to the fact that it is constantly fueled by new means. The more of them, the more money managers can use, and the higher the profits of investors.

Transfer of money to trust management

Another option, where to invest money on the Internet is to invest in PAMM-accounts. This is a much less risky direction than HYIP, but, accordingly, less profitable.

Investing in PAMM-accounts is, to put it simply: the transfer of funds to the management of a professional trader. He can use them for trading on the Forex market or in some other way. Experienced traders can earn an average of 40% per month. Some part of the earnings they take away as a commission, while the other - they pass to the client.

Forex trading

And, of course, another option, where you can invest money on the Internet - trading in the Forex market. People with economic education or just ready for training can take advantage of this direction.

Those who have never traded on the Internet with currencies, metals, shares, etc., can first create a test account, and try themselves as a trader without investing real money.

But, of course, this is not the way for everyone. To have a profit from the trade, you will first have to spend a lot of time on training. The size of income, in turn, will depend on skill.


BitCoin - the most popular investment destination in 2018

Those who are looking for where to invest in 2018, sooner or later come across an offer to invest in Bitcoin (what is it? Written here). In this case, the potential investor has three options:

to acquire the necessary equipment and start on it to extract btc;
transfer money to the stock exchange, and become a trader;
to entrust funds to the management of a person who understands crypto-currencies.
The first way to consider to use is not recommended at all. First, it is expensive and quite complex, and, secondly, it does not give a tangible profit.

The next option is independent trading on the stock exchange. To earn on this, you need to have a fairly extensive theoretical base and currency trading skills. Therefore, this is by and large only suitable for successful Forex traders who are not against mastering a new niche.

Infusion of funds into web projects
Those who are looking for where to invest to earn money but have minimal risks can invest in the creation and development of web projects. Now on the sites, it is possible to earn good money.

But here there are several nuances. First, you need to be able to create and promote web resources, or at least have an understanding of how to manage the relevant processes.

The second, and most importantly - the payback rate of such investments is relatively low. The first significant profit can go only after a year and a half after the start.