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RuneScape makes it first new RuneScape skill in a long time -"Archaeology"

Real RuneScape skills is the one thing keeping RuneScape 3 important and despite much Jagex are operating RuneScape to RS gold the floor, RuneScape abilities are something. Unfortunately, Old School Runescape will never receive exactly the exact same quantity of love in that department since the 75% majority vote required to acquire an upgrade passed is absolutely bullshit and has resulted in a number of fresh RuneScape skills which were otherwise enjoyed by the majority of the player base being entirely and totally revived including Artisan (56.6%), Sailing (67.9percent ) and Warding (66.4%.)

I believe this is pretty rad, I hope it is executed well. I suppose this is quite comparable to the other RuneScape ability"Dungeoneering" which imo is a really bad RuneScape ability, let alone minigame. I truly want it to be flashed to OSRS if not as a RuneScape ability then at least as a minigame.Its not actually a RuneScape ability though, thats the problem. Its a minigame with RuneScape skill features hit. It even has a reward system. Whether you like it or not is irrelevant. It could be enjoyable. It might be a minigame. However, its RuneScape skill. And dont get me started on the way it forces you to play so as to maximise exp.

Please correct me if I am completely off, since I haven't played or looked into it. But isn't the"Gauntlet" kind of like dungeoneering? For that you would need to input Priffdinas, which requires a high level account in order to complete the quest to unlock the city. I haven't finish the quest yet, and therefore the gauntlet hasn't been tried by me. But from what I know, it's the exact same boss each time. It is only that the dungeon is randomly generated. Also, it's also a minigame, which sucks believing this is an MMO.

A minigame like dungeoneering would be fine for group content for gamers of all levels, together with the top floor being raids the others along with 3 being simpler. Agreed. Dungoneering was the only RuneScape ability that buy OSRS gold attracted the entire of runescape; playstyles together, from RuneScape skillers, to Pvmers. The difficulty was the rewards and just method to measure the RuneScape ability was the minigame. An exploring RuneScape ability that sailing and is dungoneering with information would include so much to RuneScape.