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How to Decide the Best Floor Rug for Your Home

Submitted by rugdirect on Mon, 04/22/2019 - 19:02

Every home is special, and so does their decor. Everyone has a unique choice when it comes to enhancing the look and feel of a room. Among all types of home accessories, rugs have come up as a masterpiece. The decorative item can able to bring a noticeable change in the entire appearance of a room. So, it is necessary to buy a floor rug after considering its characteristics, usage, and multiple other factors. Let's know which one is well suitable for your home.

Homes with Heavy Traffic
If your home receives heavy foot traffic, you need to buy a floor rug that can withstand traffic. A silk rug is not a well suitable choice because it is delicate. You can choose another natural fiber rug like sisal, jute or cotton. Wool can be an exceptional option because wool rugs can withstand high traffic. The only thing you will have to take care of is its hygiene. A high file of wool rug absorbs dust. Regular cleaning can keep it free from dust. Cotton, jute, and sisal with flat weaving rugs are considered cheaper and an excellent way to uplift the appearance of a room. These rugs can be easily cleaned by vacuuming. They don't absorb dust.

Homes with Moderate Traffic
If you are a small family and your home receives moderate traffic, a Persian or oriental rug can be planned to purchase. A cotton silk rug can be an affordable option to go with. You can plan for a hand loom or hand knitted rug also, but be careful of your budget.

Homes with Children/Pets
For those homeowners, who have children or pets can buy a rug which can bear spills and is easy to clean. You cannot stop your child from playing and eating. Your rug may receive spills or vomit sometimes. In this case, a rug which can be cleaned at home can save your money. Cotton and sisal rugs can be a well suitable choice for your home.

Look for Free Trial Offer
Do you know some carpet sellers offer a free trial of the rug of your choice? Don't miss the opportunity because it is an excellent way to get assure how the rug will look. The free trial is offered to maintain a happy customer relationship. Buyers should take advantage of the offer. It will clear all your doubts about finding the best match.

Confirm about the Size
Your choice for floor rugs can turn into a nightmare experience when you get an oversized or a small size rug. You cannot expect to get the best look from your rug until it fits the area well. If you are planning to place your rug in the living room, decide whether it covers the table or the sofa's front leg will come under the rug. Measure both length and width to note down to a diary. It will help you decide the right size rug for your home.
Keeping these few things in mind can make your shopping for a rug pleasant.