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There are additional PvP minigames in Runescape

Submitted by Rskingdom on Thu, 04/25/2019 - 00:57

I will be clear here: after the bug happened there was no solution for OSRS gold Jagex. You risk losing participants who have altered their schedule, Should you reschedule the event. With participants and commentators, this problem becomes a danger. Should you act like nothing big occurred and continue on, you face the outside looking in's scrutiny.

Jagex apologized and said they'd tackle the affected players"at a later date" in their tweets. This does little to reconcile with all the players that used vacation time to compete in the tournament or that put countless hours in RuneScape to set themselves up. While awaiting replacement accounts, the fact that many players never got any communication is unacceptable. They had to wait patiently for updates on a scale that is general, hoping that they are one of the ones that are lucky to be given a chance.

The Deadman Mode Tournament has its own issues. Clans predominate Runescape, and solo gamers are forced to take their chances or try to join one. There is very little incentive to play in the manner other than to put in the top two thousand accounts in order to qualify. RuneScape already deals with the fact that PvP is half luck on the table, and half skill in switching protection and gear prayers.

Bugs will happen even. In a setting, any business has to be prepared to address bugs when and where they happen. Maybe the Deadman Mode Tournament is not the location for Jagex to put their focus. There are additional PvP minigames in Runescape, for example Clan Wars, that may be viable for esports. The Old School RuneScape player foundation is Buy runescape 3 gold there. The viewer base on flows is there. All that's missing now is a game structure and a team to handle any hiccups that may come up.