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Common mistakes writers make

Submitted by RobertSen on Mon, 02/12/2018 - 23:41

1. Cause before effect, reaction before action, syntax errors

Another mistake that this reader often notes is that the authors evoke the reaction to something - for example, fear - before the action that provokes it, or describe the consequence before what provoked it.

In a sentence, if you use when, then, before, during, until, after, since ... be sure to write the cause then the consequence, or the action then the reaction.

The reader points out that sometimes you just have to swap the sentences to get there.

2. Do not hesitate to use body language in dialogue

In the course of a dialogue, to make the speaker clearly appear, to give the character a characteristic voice or a particular flagrant sign, to use distinctive gestures.

For that, put for example an object in the hands of one of your characters. Use it so that the reader clearly knows who is speaking. This practice allows:

- identify who is speaking
- create an illusion of action.
Be aware that body language is an extremely effective method of reaching the reader.

3. Create memorable characters.

The characters are not like us but as we would like to be: admirable, honorable, considerate, strong and ambitious - in their thoughts but also their deeds and actions. They are not perfect, but they are admirable.

Give everyone a quality that makes your characters memorable like writers from do. For the wicked, give one who redeems them.

4. Punctuation

Do not abuse exclamation marks or suspension points. Otherwise, when you really need it, they will lack strength.

For the points of suspensions, punctuate as ... this.

Or at the end of a sentence, like that ...

5. Point of view

Even though today's trend is to use the third person and multiple points of view. That is to say, a unique point of view that, at different times, passes from one character to another. The reader advises her to use the point of view of the character who always has the most to lose.