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The value of work

Nobody gives you anything in your life for nothing. Happiness does not exist, only effort and hard work.

Our society has created a false dream that one can be rich and famous from one moment to another by inventing a person or a strategy and spreading it through social media or other means. Unfortunately, we have forgotten the value of hard work.

The great men and women are those who quietly spend their lives in a laboratory to discover something that can help humanity; the bakers, who get up every morning before the first rays of sun, so that they can offer us "our daily bread"; the doctors who cross borders to help others; the reporters who risk their lives to tell what's happening on the other side of the world; the teachers who devote their whole lives to learning and offer their knowledge to others; the mothers who are nurses, psychologists, girlfriends or nurses every day for their children. All these people get up every day and are thankful to have a job. They are grateful to earn their living "through hard work". These people are the really big men and women.

Do not fool yourself, hard work means dignity, as Essayontime professionals state. When you try to improve something every day with a smile, with the desire to fight on, day after day, minute by minute, second by second, to fulfill your dreams, when you realize the mistake you make and trying to find alternatives, even though we worked twice that day, that means dignity and effort.

We must not teach our children that achieving things is easy because everything has its price. One of the best lessons we can learn when we are young is that you can do it all with hard work. Hard work is like growing seed. Over time, we have to water it and take care of it so that it can give us its fruits at the right moment. Hard work is the friend of motivation and perseverance, not laziness and disinterest.