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Wanderwelle - Gathering of the Ancient Spirits

thanks for the thoughtful opening to the thread. Personally, i like the way dub techno brings together dub (as in King Tubby), intense rhythm driven structures (as in what i like in techno) and the tonality that comes from ambient and drone/experimental. So the dub techno that I listen to most is something of a perfect synthesis for me. I also like the minimalism that dub techno can do so well, in the sense of taking a limited palette and exploiting it inventively without getting boring or suddenly throwing in an 'eclectic' track. Some of the stuff I listen to belongs quite firmly in the dub or the techno or the ambient space, but there's other stuff that is in the middle of the Venn diagram. So the head is nodding, the body wants to move, but the good stuff is also no less an 'intellectual' music than Eno or Gorecki. Sometimes I move far out into a techno or ambient quadrant* but I always end up wandering back into the crossover zone. I think this explains why if I am working hard I can soundtrack the entire day with a programme of propulsive dub tech, or if I am kicking back with cold or hot one i can turn up the volume and just feel the vibrations.

In the beginning I wanted to write that in my life I have listened many genres of music before (I think many of you also), and for a few years mostly dub techno. In my youth, I usually listened heavy sounds, afterwards came time for progressive house/trance, through my brother which also that as I has a great passion for music, he was a DJ then. I was interested in his passion, and at one point I was musically orientated myself, the moment of silence came in my life, it's dub techno. In comparison with other music genres, I like that dub techno gives me a lot of silence, relaxation and peace of mind in everyday life, for which I'm grateful to the artists. I have been passionate about photography for several years, and dub techno music is sometimes an inspiration to take pictures, sound flying in the headphones, spatial landscape and the idea for a photo, it's the best that can be for me. Today when I look at my photographs, almost everyone remind me of a particular dub techno track. Download free mp3 ringtones for Android and iPhone
For me it is more than just music.