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The manual shutters, certainly the most used shutters on the market. Today, let's continue this article by introducing you to the latest type and giving you some tips on which to choose.


Solar shutters

The solar-powered long distance wireless relay shutter has what it takes! Indeed, even if its price remains relatively high at the present time compared to the other motorized shutters, the shutter controlled by solar energy is all the more ecological and economic than its electric competitors since it only works with this energy, without even requiring wire connections. You will also see no power outages and a relatively discreet installation. It should be noted that solar-powered casement shutters are environmentally friendly and more economical than their competitors because they are easier to maintain and less expensive.

Manual shutters or solar shutters?

With all these types of shutters, it becomes difficult to choose the one that best suits your home, your budget and your desires. If you have a minimalist budget, choose manual casement shutters, which are less expensive than electric rf remote control shutters and easier to maintain. It should also be noted that there are multiple forms of manual shutters: between sliding shutters and swing shutters, an almost infinite amount of variation is possible. Then, if you want to make an additional gesture for your environment and that you profit from a sufficient sunning, prefer in this case of figure of the shutters with solar motorization, which will also make you save in electricity and money in time.