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Install a wireless alarm

Unlike the wired alarm device, the installation of a wireless alarm is easy and does not require major work. But as each home has its own particularities, each installation will be unique.

The wireless alarm kit

The long range wireless relay system is an electronic protection providing effective deterrence. Generally dedicated to a domestic use, it constitutes a powerful means of security for an apartment or a house. The wireless alarm kit includes, among others, the central alarm unit, a motion detector, an opening detector and a siren. The advantage of having this type of alarm device is that it does not require major work for installation due to the absence of cable. Simple and fast, the installation of the wireless alarm does not require the service of a professional and can easily be carried out by a private individual. It will be enough to judiciously position each component of the device according to the configuration of the zones to be protected. The central unit, the very heart of the alarm system, must be concealed and protected by a detector.

How to install a wireless alarm system?

The central alarm unit and the pilot of the entire alarm system must be installed in the centre of the house, at least 1.50 m above the ground. It is recommended that it be installed near a telephone or power outlet. Place it under the supervision of a motion detector. The latter must be installed in a strategic angle, so as to properly cover the area to be protected.

Four phases for an operational alarm

Before installing the alarm device, sketch out the layout of the various components of the alarm system. Motion detectors will be placed in strategic areas such as in the living room and at the entrance. The one located in the living room will secure the central alarm. For opening detectors, place one at the main entrance door, as well as at any unsafe openings such as bedroom or kitchen windows. The second step consists in fixing each element at the defined location. For phase three and essential step to ensure the effectiveness of the device, customize the radio coding. On each element of the alarm system, the custom radio code must be installed. At the end of the installation, turn on the wireless alarm device. Perform a series of tests with the keypad on the central remote control kit. Check whether a time delay is available at the time of arming or activation. Also check the disarmament or emergency call.