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Fragile Parts in Laser Printers -- Hot Roller

In the brother laser printer, the brother toner cartridge is a key part of it, and the quality of the print is directly related to the quality of the toner cartridge. The portion of the heat roller in the drum is also referred to as a fuser. Its function is to bake the toner on the paper output from the laser printer, then let the paper absorb and fix the toner on the paper, so that the original image, picture and other images generated on the paper are fixed. It is called a fuser.

Introduction to the Use of the LaserJet Pro M102w Printer

Regarding the introduction of the LaserJet Pro M102w printer, we introduce two aspects, one is the solution when the printer jams, and the other is the installation method of the hp cf219a drum unit and the hp cf217a toner cartridge installed in the printer.
How should the LaserJet Pro M102w printer jam be solved?

How to Solve the Leakage Problem of Canon Toner Cartridge?

Printers are common in the office, such as HP printers, brother printers, and Canon printers. The Canon laser printer's consumables are canon toner cartridges. Today, in the widespread use of laser printers, there are a lot of users who don't know much about it, so that people often feel helpless when it comes to problems. We always have a variety of problems when we use them. For example, what should I do if the printer has a toner cartridge error? What should I do if the toner cartridge leaks?

How to Deal With Common Faults in Brother HL-L2370DW Printer?

Do you know the Brother HL-L2370DW printer? Tn760 toner cartridges and dr730 drum unit are for the HL-L2370DW printer. Because the Brother cartridge is split, you need to install the toner cartridge and drum unit together in the printer before using the printer. The article begins with a description of common faults in the HL-L2370DW printer.

What Should I Do If There Is A Paper Jam in the DCP-L2520DW Printer?

Occasionally, paper jams occur during print job processing. What should you do when the DCP-L2520DW printer has a paper jam? First, we need to be aware that the DCP-L2520DW printer uses the TN660 toner cartridge and the DR630 drum unit. So what is the paper jam phenomenon? The system prompts "Print error" indicating that paper is jammed and the red indicator light on the printer control panel is lit.

How to Solve Canon Printer Jam?

Paper jams are the most common faults in printers. When such a fault occurs, the indicator light on the operation panel of the printer will illuminate, and some will also give an alarm signal. Today the article will take the Canon printer as an example to introduce the correct solution when a Canon printer jams. Before we talk about troubleshooting, let's take a look at Canon printers. Canon laser printers require a canon toner cartridge for proper operation. Canon 118 toner is a common Canon toner cartridge.

How to Solve the Print Color Is Not the Same As the Preview?

Laser printers are an important part of home office systems or unit information systems. They are one of the important output devices in computer systems. Different brands of laser printers use different brands of toner cartridges, such as HP cf226x toner and cf226a toner. By the way, everyone has a question. Do you know the difference between cf226x toner and cf226a toner? In fact, they are only different in page yield. The printer models they use are the same.

Characteristic for Color Laser Printer

Why can a color laser printer print out a color image? Do you know the principle of this? The toner cartridges are also divided into color toner cartridges and black and white toner cartridges. The brother tn450 is a black toner cartridge that is used in black and white laser printers. Color laser printers use color toner cartridges.

Do You Know the Classification of Printer Consumables?

Have you seen the classification of printing consumables? If you use the printer frequently, it is necessary to understand this knowledge. There are different classification methods depending on the equipment, the use and the type of consumables, etc. The following are classified according to the type of consumables.

Why Is The Storage Of The Toner Cartridge So Important?

In the process of using the toner cartridge, the laser printer not only has good printing effect, but also has little noise during operation, and the printing speed is quite fast. Because of these reasons, since the use of toner cartridges for many years, it has become a leader in the market, and its market share is uniquely high. When the toner cartridge is in use, its storage is also extremely important. Do you know what the reason is? If you don't store the cartridge well, then chances are that it is already broken and you can no longer use it when you are not using it.


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