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What Is the Difference Between Brother TN450 Original Cartridge And Compatible?

At present, the laser printer cartridge market has original cartridges or compatible cartridges produced by other companies and remanufactured cartridges. Although the original cartridge is expensive, some people still check to select the original cartridge. Compatible cartridges are even more attractive in terms of price. Here we will compare the difference between brother TN450 original cartridges and compatible cartridges so that you can choose between the two.

Print quality is the first question customers need to consider. There is no doubt that the original TN450 toner cartridge is clearly the best choice. Since the original cartridge carefully considered the integration with other parts of the printer during the design process, the production process is meticulous, so it can also create an ideal printing effect, much better than other compatible products. The edges of the text printed on the printer using the original toner cartridge are clear, black and vivid, but the effect will be far worse when using other products. This is because the engineers of the original cartridges have conducted a lot of experiments and improvements in the laboratory in order to achieve the best printing results. Even the smallest defects must be eliminated. Therefore, users who pay attention to print quality often do not hesitate to choose the original cartridge.

Compatible TN450 toner cartridges can basically meet the output requirements of the printer in terms of print quality, but it may be different in some special cases, such as when printing small words of 2 pounds, it is somewhat vague. Remanufactured toner cartridges use manual methods in the manufacturing process, and the print quality is uneven. The printing results are difficult to guarantee. Of course, when we consider the print quality, the printing cost is also a very important consideration, especially for price sensitive individual users.

The original TN450 toner cartridge saves the user more money than the printer itself due to the long working life. Therefore, it is recommended to use the original cartridge. Compatible toner cartridges, from their print quality can be said to be basically able to meet the output requirements of the laser printer, but it may be different in some special circumstances.

Compatible cartridges are also brand-name products, product quality is also guaranteed, although its price is slightly lower than the original cartridge, but the number of prints is lower than the original cartridge, so the overall printing costs and the original cartridge is similar.

Remanufactured cartridges, although their prices are tempting, but because the number of prints is too little or even less than half of the original cartridges, the overall printing cost is not lower than the original cartridges and compatible cartridges.