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Two Failures of the HP LaserJet Pro M402dn Printer

Whether it is a laser printer or a network printer, it is normal to have a fault. The key to the problem is how to correct the fault in time and accurately, so that the network printing will not be affected too much.

Printing documents using the HP LaserJet Pro M402dn printer, but it takes too long to print out after printing. How to solve it? The printer uses a hp 26a toner cartridge. Of course, we know that the hp 26x toner cartridge is also suitable.

This situation can be solved by the following methods. Turn off background printing. In the printer file properties interface, open the spool mode and change the spool and data format "EMF" to "RAW". Of course, you can also click the "Direct output to the printer" button.
Print at a lower resolution. In the printer file properties interface, select a lower resolution to print.

When using the LaserJet Pro M402dn printer, it is unavoidable that a jam has occurred. When the printer is turned on for too long and there is too much paper to print, the output channel temperature is too high due to the continuous operation of the printer and poor heat dissipation. This happens when the printer is overheated. The paper was successfully input into the machine, but the print sample was not seen for a long time, and the computer has finished printing. What happened? Open the small cover and see that the original print proofs were squeezed together and blocked in the small compartment. This is because the temperature inside the printer is too high. When the paper is transported outward, the front end of the paper is softened by high temperature and loses its hardness. Therefore, it cannot move forward, and the back of the paper is forcibly pushed forward under the powerful transmission of the drive roller. Formed in a fan shape, unable to read and proofread. When this happens, stop printing and shut down immediately, open all the covers of the printer, carefully remove the fan-shaped paper, let the printer fully dissipate heat, or gently wipe the inside of the overheated parts with cotton sputum alcohol to promote it. Cool down as soon as possible.
The same two solutions for the HP LaserJet Pro M402dn printer with hp 26a toner cartridge are also applicable to other HP laser printers. When you encounter the same situation, you can refer to the above solution.