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The Reason You Should Choose Integrated Toner Cartridge

Today, laser printers and laser MFPs are inseparable from every employee, and are the office assistants of each of us. On it, the most critical components are the drum and toner cartridge, more than half of the entire laser printer. The patented technology is concentrated on small toner cartridges. In addition, the toner cartridge is the most valuable consumable in the printing process, so the proportion of printed TCO (total cost of ownership) exceeds 80%, far exceeding the printer's Purchasing costs and paper costs, so choose a printer, you can't ignore this small toner cartridge.

Laser printers and all-in-one drums and toner cartridges are available in two configurations, the toner cartridge and the toner separation. Both designs are now very mature. The drum powder design is to make the toner cartridge and the photosensitive drum and other components fixed together to form a toner cartridge. When the toner is used up, the user directly replaces the new toner cartridge, such as typical model like Canon toner cartridge. Most of the machine's consumables are made of drum powder. The toner separation design separates the toner cartridge and the photosensitive drum separately, and the toner cartridge and the photosensitive drum can be physically separated. In theory, the user only needs to replace the empty toner cartridge during the life of the photosensitive drum. Yes, for example, Lenovo, Brother and other brands of toner cartridges are mostly split design.

The quality of the user's document printout is largely determined by the drum and toner, because the entire process of imaging is done around them, seven steps (charging - exposure - development - transfer - - Fixing - Cleaning - Cleaning) Indispensable, in other words, the drum and toner are responsible for the entire process of imaging. It is also because of this importance that its "health" level will directly affect the quality of document printouts.

As a complete integrated solution, the toner-integrated consumables contain all the components of the imaging, such as imaging drums, high-quality toner and more. At the same time, in the design, the toner-integrated consumables will also take into account the work coordination of each component to the greatest extent, for example, the drum life will be designed according to the matching toner volume. When the toner is used up, all critical components, including the drum, are replaced at the same time to ensure print quality, and there is absolutely no degradation in print quality due to excessive use of the drum.

In addition to providing reliable and reliable print quality, it is very important for ordinary users to have a single advantage. This is easy to replace and easy to maintain. When the user needs to replace the printing consumables, the new consumables can be directly taken out and put in, which can save a lot of time, and the ease of operation is no problem for any user. To select the toner separation type consumables, you need to remove the toner cartridge from the photosensitive drum to replace the consumables. Although the toner-dissolving consumables are now more user-friendly in disassembly and assembly, there may be damages such as snap parts due to improper operation. Therefore, for many ordinary users, the choice of toner-integrated consumables will be more worry-free and labor-saving.

“Low printing costs” has always been a promotional focus for toner-separated consumables. Although the toner-integrated consumables can fully guarantee the quality of document printing, replacement and maintenance are simpler, but the topic of printing cost seems to always make people feel that there is a huge gap between the separation of toner and the consumables. And in terms of actual printing costs, do they have such a big gap as people think? We might as well make a positive comparison.

We selected the Canon I-SENSYS MF211 toner integrated Canon 137 toner and the LD2020 toner cartridge as well as the LT2020 toner cartridge. The Canon I-SENSYS MF211 Amazon is priced at $50, and the Lenovo LD2020 and LT2020 toner Amazon are priced at $85 and $45 respectively. Based on the nominal print volume of these three accessories, we can calculate Canon I- The SENSYS MF211 integrated print cartridge costs $0.03, and the Lenovo split print cartridge costs less than $0.03, which costs almost the same. Therefore, it should not have a big impact on the actual work of the user. It should be said that there is no absolute advantage in the printing cost of the two. Users can only calculate the cost of using various consumables according to the specific model, and combine their own needs to achieve the goal of cost saving.

Undoubtedly, both the toner-integrated consumables and the toner-separated consumables are quite mature in terms of technology and manufacturing. For more ordinary laser printer users, if you consider the print quality, operation and maintenance, cost and other aspects, perhaps the toner-integrated consumables will be more suitable.