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The Quality Difference Between OEM And Compatible Toner Cartridge

Compatible consumables are one of the most popular consumables in the market. Many users purchase compatible consumables in order to reduce printing costs, meet daily office needs, and reduce printing costs. Compatible consumables can indeed do, but meet daily office needs, in many ways, there are certain defects, such as the drum output stability, after-sales service, output quality, etc. These are quite large compared with the original supplies. There is also compatible hp toner on the market.

I believe many users will encounter many difficulties when installing consumables cartridges. For example, do you have some precautions before installing the cartridges? What do you need to pay attention to in the installation process? How do you install the cartridges? These are the problems that users often encounter.

Some toner cartridges adopt a separate toner cartridge design. Therefore, when installing the cartridges, we need to prepare drum kits and toner cartridges. Generally, the cartridges have a long service life. When the machine prompts no toner, we only need to replace the toner cartridges. Yes, there is no need to replace the drum assembly section. The following takes cf500x toner as an example.

First open the front cover of the machine, and then you can see the toner cartridge. There is a protruding handle above the cartridge. The user can pull the handle outwards, so that the cartridge can be pulled out. After the cartridge is pulled out, if only the toner cartridge is replaced, we also have to remove the toner cartridge and take care when removing the toner cartridge. If you just separate the toner cartridge and the drum assembly, it is definitely not OK. There is a blue clip on the cartridge assembly. The user only needs to Press the tab down to remove the toner cartridge. When installing a toner cartridge, you need to first shake the toner cartridge several times to make the cartridge powder even more uniform. This makes it easier to print fonts.

We have separated the cartridges and toner cartridges of compatible and original consumables, and carefully observed and analyzed the results. It was found that the distribution of the powder on the discharge roller of compatible consumables was not uniform and caused high-density image output. Obvious white text will appear, and these stripes are not easy to find when printing general fonts. In fact, this kind of reason is mainly related to toner.