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Printer Purchase Advice for Startup

For many startups, budget is usually tight, not only for finding cheap toner cartridge. To deal with daily work, effective tool and machines play big roles. As an indispensable device, printers are helping startups speed up with work. What printer is the most economic and efficient? Before you purchase, let’s look at this article to find out what fits.

Choose One or Two All-in-one Printer
With limited budget, it’d better get one or two printers with all the functions in need. An all-in-one printer takes full advantage of supplies in one machine, instead of letting the other machine idle when you don’t need fax or scanning.

Common Printer model
If you’re not engaging in design or other special industry, there’s no need to buy professional equipment. Because specialized printers are usually pricy for the machine itself and the maintenance fee. It’s a waste for common printing needs.

No Too Cheap Printer
Generally low end printer is cheap for initial cost but expensive for the continuous printer supplies, which it’s always the biggest printing cost. HP LaserJet MFP 3055 AIO All-in-one printer is good choice for your office. With 64 MB memory, this printer is capable to handle bulk document printing. Also, its supplies HP q2612a toner cartridge is a kind of consumables that reduce your printing cost to the minimum.

Not Newly Launched Model
New printers usually have not stable performance as previous models. Also, supplies are usually expensive and hard to find compatible version, which means you’ll pay a lot for printing demands. What’s more, you will spend more time on solving out when printing issues occur, no matter searching on the Internet of few knowledge about the new model, or reaching to a professional repair.

What to Choose for Startup
If high resolution printing is not required, monochrome LaserJet printer is the best choice. Its fast speed printing will greatly contribute to bulk papers. In addition, compatible toner cartridge can be easily found in the market. In addition, for most business, a duplex printing is a must.