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Precautions When Refilling the CF283X Toner Cartridge

Original hp toner cartridges do not provide the ability to add powder, but we can DIY it to achieve it. Or compatible hp toner cartridges can be directly added powder. But in this process, you have a lot of things to pay attention to.

When many users change powder, they often simply make a hole in the outside of the cartridge to add toner, and then stick it with tape. In this way, although the addition of powder is successful, the print quality is still not good. The following is an example of a compatible CF283X toner cartridge.

The correct method should be as follows:

First put on a mask and put a newspaper on it to disassemble the CF283X cartridge. Then follow the method below.

Clean the drum residue in the drum, because the substitute powder cannot be exactly the same as the original powder, in order to avoid problems, so this step cannot be avoided, especially the first time the original drum to add powder to do so, but if you add powder later The brand and model of substitute powder are exactly the same, so you can omit this step.

To completely clean the powder in the powder warehouse, first remove the magnetic bar, use a soft cloth to remove the excess powder that has been absorbed, and then attach it as it is. The second is to completely clean the silo, and then add the appropriate toner, taking care not to overfill. After joining, gently turn the magnet clockwise until it is evenly coated with toner.

After the waste toner in the waste toner box is removed, once the waste toner container is full of waste powder, it will gradually overflow, leaving vertical black stripes on the printed page, affecting the print quality, and more seriously, it will Increase the friction, and finally damage the coating on the drum surface, resulting in complete reimbursement of the cartridge. So be sure to pay attention to cleaning, but be careful not to damage the scraper, it is best to gently knock out the waste powder.

Replacement of necessary accessories, sometimes properly added toner, but the print quality is still not enough, the end of the powder, and there is a black vertical stripe, the toner surface is covered with toner, I am afraid it will need to change the scraper. This is because the scraper has been deformed for a long time and cannot be fed into the waste toner bin but printed on the paper. Under normal circumstances, the scraper can solve the problem. There is also a situation where regular black spots appear on the printed manuscript. This is because the dynamometer itself has been damaged or severely aged. This requires the replacement of the wick. Drums are inexpensive, they can be added three to five times, and they can be used with ease, but they should also pay attention to the quality and model.

To do this, please install the cartridges in the reverse order of removal. After loading, check whether the wrong cartridges are installed. Turn the gears clockwise to see if they are wrong. Put on the machine, boot, and a new CF283X cartridge was born.