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Little Tips For Student Printers

Many students are faced with back to school and lots of paper work. As for this time, a satisfying printer can’t be better companion. For those who own printers or not, below are some little tips for your daily printing needs, including printers, or printer ink cartridge or toner cartridge.
Which type of printer to choose?
For normally basic printing demands, there are 2 types of printers for students: laserjet or inkjet. Laserjets are more likely for simple text document and images. Inkjets are more likely for complex images like photos in various sizes or media. For most of students, laserjets are more suitable than inkjets, unless you have to produce lots of artwork, photos of high resolution artwork.
The less is more.
Some students might be ‘greedy’ for more functions like copy, fax, email handle or more. You need to fully recognize what your needs are. The key one should be the reference of your printer purchase. Especially when you have limit budget, printers with less features are usually much cheaper than that of multi-functions ones. Besides, the more complicated printer it is, the higher it will spends to fix and maintain.
Turn to print house or labs.
Sometimes students have to produce printing in large size, unusual media, high quality color performance, which your little printers can’t handle. Turn to print house or campus print labs. By doing this, you will save a lot from maintenance of your old lady after years’ usage. What’s more important is, a complex printer is very pricy and so as supplies.
Wireless? Not in dorms.
Most of current printers support only 2.4 GHz, which has limits for non-overlapping channels. Wireless chatter in dorms might result into connections problems. Usually it’d be better and safer to use cables connection to protect from WiFi chaos.
Pay attention to maintenance.
Most printers have self-checks with power on. Learn clearly from the using guide or support rules from the original printer manufacturers and find out the right way to put it into proper performance. Carefully mind the cartridges especially of ink cartridges. If the cartridge’s moved out from the printer, use a bag to store to keep them in a climate controlled environment. I can still remember one of roommate lend his HP Officejet Pro 8100 out but found it out of work for printing. We were so sure about the new placement of a HP 951xl ink cartridge. After checks we found that it’s the ink cartridges refused to work and the printer was once left in a car for hours, at very high temperature inside of the car. This is because ink is colloid particles that can be easily affected by temperature and electricity changes.