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How to Reinstall Toner Replacement for All-in-one Laserjet Printer

In our daily use of all-in-one laserjet printer, we might be faced with toner replacement or refills to keep our work continue. According to different needs and budgets, companies or individuals choose different ways. However, no matter in which way, that depends on the toner cartridge and the drum unit model.

As for laser toner, there are mainly 2 models in the market: integrated separated models. The integrated toner cartridge and drum unit requires a simple installation once the previous one’s running out of toner. You can’t refill with this kind of model, like HP CF280A toner compatible for HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401 printer. For separated toner cartridge and drum unit, it allows you replace only the toner cartridge unit rather than throwing out the whole pack and saves your money buying pricy drum unit.

Because of busy daily office work, companies tend to use integrated toner cartridges but carefully take printing cost into consideration. Therefore, reliable compatible toner cartridges are solid choice. Below is a method of replacing and installing a new toner cartridge for your printer.

Step one: disconnect the power of the printer and open the closed casing of the printer. This is what we usually call the cover. As shown in the figure below, there is a protruding place, which can be opened with a little force.

Step two: After opening the cover, we can see the toner cartridge embedded in it. Let us put our hands directly in and shake them up and down, you can feel the toner cartridge has a small gap.

Step three: gently lift the hand, be careful not to use too much force, so as not to damage the printer, you can lift the toner cartridge, and then take it out horizontally.

Step four: after taking out, you can observe that there is a chip on the toner cartridge. It should be noted that if you buy the original accessory with the same brand as the printer, then you can directly replace the toner cartridge with the tube. If it is not the original accessory, Need to replace the chip, the replacement of the chip is also very simple, but you need to use a screwdriver, remove the two screws on the side to take out the chip.

Step five: Finally, put the toner cartridge horizontally into the printer, then gently press it down, and finally don't forget to close the lid. If you're done, is it very simple?

Of course, for most companies, a large capacity toner cartridge secures a smooth printing work without frequent replacing. So choosing high yield toner cartridge HP cf280x toner cartridge will help.