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How to Disassemble Canon 118 Toner Cartridges?

The original toner cartridge is not allowed to be disassembled. When the toner in the toner cartridge is used up, it needs to be discarded. This will be a waste of money. So many users are looking for a DIY toner cartridge method. This article will explain how to disassemble the canon 118 toner cartridge to achieve powder.
1. Open the machine and take out the canon 118 toner cartridge. Use a diagonal plier to clamp the metal pin on the side of the toner cartridge and pull it out with force. The toner cartridge can be separated into two parts by pulling out the silver metal pins on both sides. The part with the drum core is the waste toner collection part, and the part with the magnetic roller is the powder supply part.
2. Use a tool to pull out the metal positioning pins on both sides of the light blue photosensitive drum in the waste toner collection part, take out the photosensitive drum and place it in a dark and stable place, take out the discharge roller, and unscrew the two screws on the scraper. To remove the scraper, slowly and carefully dump the waste toner in the waste toner bin. Then, the squeegee, the discharge roller, and the photosensitive drum are restored to the original disassembled position. Note: If you need to replace the drum core and scraper, just put the new drum core and scraper back.
3. Unscrew the screw on the gearless side of the magnetic roller in the powder supply. After removing the plastic case, you can see the purple plastic cover. After opening, clean the toner in the powder compartment and the magnetic roller, and force the magnetic roller. Press and hold to prevent the magnet roller from coming out of position.
4. Open the front cover of the machine and you will see the handle of the blue toner cartridge. Look carefully at the handle and there will be an arrow. There are two small lock icons next to the toner cartridge. Under normal circumstances, the arrow on the toner cartridge points to the small lock. To lock the icon, press the handle of the toner cartridge to force the unlock position until the arrow of the toner cartridge points to the unlock position, and pull it out to pull the toner cartridge out. Toner replacement at this time: The original toner of the Canon copier will have a yellow seal with an arrow on the seal. The sealing direction is on the top, the toner is stuffed into the powder bucket, and when the stopper is about two-thirds of the position, the seal is pulled out to the front, and then the toner cartridge is pushed to the bottom, rotated until the locked position, and the toner cartridge is closed. Front cover, finished.
5. Restore the powder supply parts and waste toner collection parts according to the position when disassembling, and insert the metal clips on both sides. After the toner cartridge is installed, push the drum cover off and turn the drum side gear several times upwards. The residual toner on the drum surface will be removed and it will continue to be used after installation.
The above is the method of refilling the canon 118 toner cartridge. Other canon toner cartridges can also be powdered in the same way.