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Basic Maintenance of the Brother Laser Printer

Is there a brother laser printer in your office or at home? Do you know anything about the brother toner cartridge? A toner cartridge is equivalent to a heart for a laser printer, and the quality of the printer's output document depends on the toner cartridge. But in addition to the toner cartridge, wire, guide plate and other components are also very important, now we will introduce how to maintain these components, in turn from the following four aspects:
Wire maintenance
Laser scanning system maintenance
Sensor strip and transmitter lock maintenance
Paper feed guide maintenance
Due to residual toner, dust and paper dust in the printer, the charging, transferring, separating and discharging electrode wires will be contaminated, causing the voltage to drop and affecting the normal working performance. Care should be taken to remove the wire assembly. First brush the foreign matter attached to it with a brush. Then gently wipe it clean with absorbent cotton.
When the laser of the laser scanning system and various working mirrors are polluted by dust or the like, the bottom ash of the printed matter is increased and the image is unclear. They can be wiped clean with absorbent cotton, but care should be taken not to change their original position or damage.
Use a soft cloth to smear the water, and wipe off any foreign matter such as paper dust accumulated on the silver-white long strip and the transfer lock to ensure unimpeded transmission.
The paper guide is located below the toner cartridge and functions to transfer the paper to the fixing unit via the tn310 toner cartridge. When cleaning, wipe the surface of the paper guide with a soft cloth slightly water to ensure that the print is clear and clean.
It is important to note that the printer must be powered off before performing the above cleaning work.