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Quickbooks Online Vs. Desktop Edition – Which One is Better?

When it comes to accounting and payment processing, Quickbooks is a name that you can safely go for. This company has the best software packages on offer, which can make both tasks seamless. There are two versions of the reputed accounting software program, a desktop version and an online version. When it comes to Quickbooks Online Vs. Desktop Edition, here is an analysis and comparison of their key strengths that will help you to make a choice easily.
There are features galore in both editions. However, the features of the desktop version are more developed often, apart from its invoicing features. That said, the online version has some important features that are exclusive to it, such as mobile apps, international invoicing and lending. Thus, which one you choose depends on which features are needed the most by your business.
You can get amazing customer invoices when you use QuickBooks Online, which makes it a definite choice over QuickBooks Desktop. It is possible to get modern and clean designs which can make it convenient for consumers to comprehend each part of their invoices. However, the invoices of QuickBooks Desktop appear to be outdated and cluttered. Also, it is much more difficult to customize them. QuickBooks Online has improved template designs for invoices, and the automations are better as well. Invoices created with QuickBooks Desktop fare poorly before those from QuickBooks Online.
Support for more complex accounting and better reporting are where the QuickBooks Desktop version scores over the online version. But QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping, a bookkeeping service that lets you pay for professional assistance from certified CPAs and QBO accountants, makes the QuickBooks Online version worth going for. This new feature can be highly reassuring if you are a small business owner who is a new entrant in the accounting domain. When you have to manage filing taxes for your small business or manage your books, you can really benefit from the online version.
Sales Orders
QuickBooks Desktop is the sole option for you, in case sales orders are needed for your business. There are talks of this feature being added to the online version of the program. As of now, however, this option is available only in the desktop version of the software package.
QuickBooks Capital, a new lending service, has been added recently to the program. But it can be availed only by the online version users.