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Qelviq Making an End to your Wine Temperature Hindrance

Submitted by chrism12 on Thu, 12/01/2022 - 13:52

Qelviq is a product created by two siblings - Xavier Verellen and Helena Verellen who believed in the vital fact that - all degrees count for the leading wine-tasting affair. It so happened that on their visit to the beautiful Tuscan Hills of Italy, they ordered a ‘chianti’. But, upon tasting they found that the wine seemed overcooked because of warmth and absence of freshness. These instances followed when they were going to have Champagne at their home when it simply felt too chilly. After some time, the thought triggered them - there should be a personal sommelier that would offer the perfect temperature.

They made Qelviq which acts both like an ice bucket and heater. This is one of the rarest temperature regulators that come with a versatile app facilitating features like voice instructions, and more. Qelviq has been created after exhaustive conversations with countless winemakers, connoisseurs, sommeliers, and so on. The founders visited ample wine fairs and communicated about the different factors that affect the taste of white wines, red wines, sparkling wines, and so on.

Everywhere they went, all the connoisseurs agreed upon the fact that having the ideal temperature is the single most crucial factor affecting the wine’s taste. Since wine contains a complex yet delicate mix-up of chemicals, the wrong temperature can plunder its core essence. Wine refrigerators are not the perfect ones to promise that ideal temperature.

Both Helena and Xavier unitedly decided to make an end to this temperature issue. They integrated with some eminent winemakers, product engineers, sommeliers, computer hardware, and full-stack web developers. All of them in a consolidated way resolves every convoluted problem. It was after 8 long years of an uphill battle that included 315 prototypes, 36 product iterations, and four live production sets that Qelviq Personal Sommelier was produced.